President’s Message – February 2019


Well, here we are in February and how many of you have already given up on your New Year’s resolution of getting back in shape—both physically and financially? DON’T give up! You still have time to come to your senses.

Priority one—you need to get your physical. Without your health, nothing else matters. Not sure where to start? Call—310-348-4160 (Center for Heart and Health).

Next, get your body scan done. Here is the number to call—310-829-9788 (Medical Imaging Center of Southern California).

But wait, there’s more. How about securing your financial health against disaster by getting your trust completed? I know all the kitchen table attorneys have been telling the other procrastinators at the table that you don’t need one. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Whether you are single, married, divorced, kids, no kids, or it’s just you and your checkbook— you need a trust. LAFRA is still offering up to $600.00 to get your trust completed. And every quarter, we provide a free seminar at different locations so you can ask questions to attorneys who do this for a living – not practice at the kitchen table.

Let’s talk about beneficiaries! When is the last time you checked your beneficiaries? Most likely the first time you checked your beneficiaries—at the Drill Tower. Most of us sign up for a policy and forget that our lives are constantly changing. We get married, we get divorced. We get married again and add some children to the mix, however, the beneficiaries on our important accounts remain unchanged. Pension, bank and brokerage accounts, life insurance policies—all remain in the name of the first spouse. Try explaining that to the next Mr. or Mrs. if something happens to you. Oh, I have heard the story, “Who cares, I’m dead.” WE care, because LAFRA is the one who gets to explain to your current loved ones why they will not be receiving your benefits because you didn’t take the time to update the required accounts. Don’t worry, the ex and her new boy/girlfriend will come to the funeral. Think it hasn’t happened? Think again!

You also need to contact the Firefighters First CU and find out if your current spouse or domestic partner is joined on the account, or UFLAC to see who is listed on your life insurance. Better yet, make sure to read your member profile sheet coming to you from LAFRA in March and see who is listed as your beneficiary here.

What? You would like those phone numbers too?? FFCU (800) 231-1626, UFLAC (213) 977-9001 and LAFRA (323) 259-5200.

A GIANT thank you goes out to Doug Weber and Mike Reitmayer for another great event benefiting the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighters Fund! It was the 22nd annual Buzzard Bait held on January 18th. These two gentlemen, along with their families and an army of volunteers, spent countless hours putting together an awesome event for YOU—the members of LAFRA.

Another New Year’s resolution to add to your list—get involved with a LAFRA event. Don’t take the attitude that someone else will handle it. Just like the house work, it doesn’t get done by itself. Step up and take the baton from those who have been carrying it all these years. They will appreciate the help. Below is a list of events for the next six months—it’s time to put down that game controller and drop the virtual and get involved in the reality of serving others.

Lastly, I would like to congratulate our returning Trustees who were each re-elected for another three-year term. Frank Aguirre, Gene Bednarchik, Tyler Tomich, Chris Stine, Henry Gasbarri and Mike Sailhamer. Thank you all for your continued volunteerism. Our organization is dependent upon the dedication and collective energy of our Trustees, staff and volunteers.

Talking about volunteering, here is a list of upcoming events with a name and number to contact and get involved.

Upcoming events:

Hook and Ladder – March 16th – California City (Bruce Galien) 661-645-7448
LA Marathon 5K – March 23rd – DTLA (Marlene Casillas) 323-259-5217
LA Marathon – March 24th
St Baldrick’s – March 30th – Fire Station 89 (Danny Wu) FS 103-C
Lane Kemper Softball Classic – April 30th – Balboa Recreation Center (Keith Bandy) FS 64-C
Pechanga Reunion – May 13-17th – Pechanga Resort, Tim Larson, LAFRA Trustee
Hope for Firefighters – June 6th – DTLA (Juliet Brandolino) 323-259-5215

Be safe and be kind to each other!

Robert D. “SteinTalker” Steinbacher

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