President’s Message – April 2019


Did you review your Member Benefit Summary that we recently mailed out? We send them out to all members to verify that everyone’s personal information is up-to-date with the Relief Association. Take the time and open up the envelope, read it, and then verify that all your information is correct. If it is, simply dispose of it properly. If not, get it changed ASAP. While you are at it, start spring off right and add a small percentage increase to your WODFF donations.

Speaking of the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighters Fund, Bruce Galien and Craig White, along with their army of volunteers braved the desert sand once again at the Hook and Ladder ride to raise money for the important fund. I hope John and Karen Nowell put the new toys presented to them last year at the LAFRA Open House to good use at this year’s event. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for everyone associated with the event and hope all had a fun and safe time of camaraderie.

An additional heartfelt thank you goes out to LAFRA Trustee and Captain Danny Wu for his work associated with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation event held at Fire Station 89 to benefit Childhood Cancer. It’s good to see LAPD and LAFD working so closely together for a great cause. If you didn’t make it out this year, pencil it in your calendar for 2020 and get involved!

Another event to pencil in is the up and coming First Annual LAFRA presentation to the Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Board about our PPO Medical Plan. What? You thought we were finished with that business when we recently signed the five-year agreement? Think again! Each year we have to demonstrate to the LAFPP Board that our plan is “suitable” – meaning that we have to show them that we are using your medical subsidy properly and providing value for our plan members. It would be great if we had a couple of dozen (or more) fire lads and ladies at the meeting to show their support for our plan. The meeting will be held April 18th at 0800. The LAFPP offices are located at 701 E. 3rd St. #200, Los Angeles Ca 90013. So, if you are retired, or plan to be retired one day, put on a clean shirt and come out and personally see how your medical subsidy is being spent.

Did I mention the Medical Plan? Yes, I did. Well, I have two other items to tell you about. First, it’s that time again—open enrollment. Time to add dependents or change what needs to be changed. Don’t delay though, your health is important; but open enrollment is only open for a short time, so get it done. Open enrollment packages will be arriving shortly at your doorstep. The second thing is that I have good news for all Kaiser HMO members that belong to the LAFRA/Kaiser plan. Starting July 1st, the Board of Directors has just approved a wellness plan for Kaiser members. It will be similar to the wellness plan for LAFRA PPO plan members. Details are to follow.

The first day of spring has just occurred. With it, a renewed interest in cleaning seems to be transpiring all around us. My advice – clean up your life first. Start living your life the way it was meant to be lived but be prepared just in case it doesn’t go as planned. I have recently seen a renewed interest in members taking advantage of the Living Trust benefits offered by the Relief Association. If you are one of those members still thinking about it, stop and get it done because—Life Happens!

As usual—Be safe and be kind to each other

Lane Kemper Softball Classic—April 30th – Balboa Recreation Center (Keith Bandy) FS 64 C
Pechanga Reunion—May 13-17th – Pechanga RV Park (Tim Larson) LAFRA Trustee
Hope for Firefighters—June 6th – DTLA (Juliet Brandolino) (323) 259 5215

Robert D. “SteinTalker” Steinbacher

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