Claim Status

HealthComp, third party administrator CTPA, is an organization that processes insurance claims and administers certain aspects of the Relief’s PPO Medical plan. If you have additional questions regarding claims, eligibility and benefit coverage or wish to order additional insurance cards contact HealthComp at 866-99-LAFRA.

You also can check the status of a claim via HealthComp’s web site. To get started, visit

Major Illness or Injury

Our Care Advocate nurses reach out to members who are seriously ill or who are dealing with complicated health issues and provide them with high-touch support. Our services include coordinating care, providing support to patients and families, and guiding members through the healthcare system (education, treatment options, long-term management, and understanding of the ailment). We work closely with patients and providers to bridge communication gaps, ensuring that patients receive the most timely and appropriate care while staying within the guidelines of their health plan. If you are identified as someone who would benefit from these services, a Care Advocate nurse will contact you to assist you. You can also contact a HealthComp nurse at: 800-755-7247.

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