Claim Status

HealthComp, third party administrator CTPA, is an organization that processes insurance claims and administers certain aspects of the Relief’s PPO Medical plan. If you have additional questions regarding claims, eligibility and benefit coverage or wish to order additional insurance cards contact HealthComp at 866-99-LAFRA.

You also can check the status of a claim via HealthComp’s web site. To get started, visit

Major Illness or Injury

As a member of the PPO Medical Plan you are afforded the benefits of HealthComp Care Connect Program. Care Connect serves as an outreach program for those who experience a significant volume of claims due to a major illness or injury. Their goal is to answer questions you may have about the medical plan by reviewing your claims, patient liability, plan benefits or balance due statements. The Relief wants you to fully understand your benefits and feel confident your claims are resolved. If you would like this assistance call 1-866-995-2372 and ask to speak with a HealthComp Care Connect Representative.

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