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The PPO Network
A preferred provider organization (PPO) is a network of providers who have agreed to charge Contracted Rates, so the cost savings is passed along to you in the form of a higher benefit at the lowest possible cost. The Relief PPO Medical Plan contracts with Anthem Blue Cross of California, one of the nation’s largest PPO networks in California and Blue Cross Blue Shield (Blue Card), outside of California.

Locate a PPO Provider
To locate a PPO provider (Physician, facility, laboratory, etc.) nearest you, contact HealthComp (Relief Association location) at (866) 995-2372 or access the HealthComp’s website. You also may contact your provider to verify if they are a participating network provider.

The Relief PPO Medical Plan gives you the choice of using preferred providers, called “PPO”, or out-of-network providers, called “Non-PPO”. Using preferred providers will lower your costs since your benefits will be based on the negotiated fee structure in effect at the time services are rendered. If you use Non-PPO providers, your benefits will be based on the Plan’s Scheduled Amount. Your out-of-pocket costs using a non-PPO provider are usually higher than a PPO provider.

Important Note
It is important to understand that not all providers within a particular medical group or Hospital are preferred providers. For example, when selecting a PPO Hospital, always check with the PPO network to determine if other providers operating within that facility (i.e., anesthesiologists, radiologists, Physicians, etc.) are PPO or Non-PPO.

You always have the right to choose between PPO (network) and Non-PPO (out-of-network).

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