How To Retire

Important Steps
Preparing to retire raises a lot of important questions including how to start and what documents are needed. The Relief Member Services Department is here to assist you in any way it can. When you retire, you need to complete a Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association (LAFRA) payroll deduction card and fill out a Retirement Checklist. To obtain the card and checklist form, please email or call (323) 259-5200 ext. 223 or ext. 222.

Badge, Book and Celebration
The Relief also provides its members with a retirement badge and “Red Book;” contact Liz Perez at (323) 259-5259 to make arrangements. If you are having a retirement party, be sure to check out these tips for getting started in our Plan a Retirement Event section.

Other Important Requirements
In addition to contacting us, you need to notify a number of other organizations and departments about your retirement plans. Download this helpful Service Pension Check List to get started. Please note it is subject to change and it is up to you to find out the current steps and requirements directly from each of the organizations and departments listed.

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