ID Cards


New PPO Medical Plan Members

If you recently signed up for the Relief PPO Medical Plan via an Open Enrollment period, or following a Drill Tower presentation as a new Relief Association member, and have not received your Medical ID card, you may check the status of it by calling HealthSCOPE Benefits customer service at (866) 995-2372. All cards are issued in the eligible member’s name not dependents names. Members with dependents receive two cards, one for the member, the other for the dependents. Should you require more than two cards, contact HealthSCOPE Benefits at the number above. Members not on Medicare use one single card for both medical and prescription needs.

Replacement Cards

If you’re already on the Relief PPO Medical Plan and you’ve lost your medical ID card call HealthSCOPE Benefits customer service at (866) 995-2372.



Prescription Cards for Members on Medicare:

Members on Medicare will be issued a second, separate card for prescriptions. Dependents of members on Medicare that are not on Medicare themselves will receive one single medical/prescription ID card, in the eligible member’s name, not two separate cards.

If you need help obtaining a new or lost prescription card call Express Scripts at (866)-544-6963.  For members who are NOT Medicare-eligible, your Relief PPO Medical ID card serves as your prescription card.

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