ID Cards

New PPO Medical Plan Members

If you recently signed up for the Relief PPO Medical Plan via an Open Enrollment period, or following a Drill Tower presentation as a new Relief Association member, and have not received your Medical ID card, you may check the status of it by calling HealthComp customer service at (866) 995-2372.

Replacement Cards

If you’re already on the Relief PPO Medical Plan and you’ve lost your medical ID card call HealthComp’s customer service at (866) 995-2372.

Prescription Cards for Members on Medicare:

Members on Medicare will be issued a second, separate card for prescriptions. Dependents of members on Medicare that are not on Medicare themselves will receive one single medical/prescription ID card, in the eligible member’s name, not two separate cards.

If you need help obtaining a new or lost prescription card call Express Scripts at (866)-544-6963.  For members who are NOT Medicare-eligible, your Relief PPO Medical ID card serves as your prescription card.

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