Change Dependents

Coverage of your enrolled dependents starts the same date as your coverage provided that you authorize any necessary payroll deduction(s) and pay all premiums due.

You can add newly acquired dependents to your coverage without restriction within 60 days of any of the following events:

  • Marriage
  • Qualified Domestic Partnership
  • Birth
  • Adoption
  • Legal Guardianship

If your dependents are NOT added to your coverage within this 60-day period, they will be required to wait until the next Open Enrollment period, which occurs each spring and fall. Changes made during Open Enrollment are effective July 1 or January 1.

In order to change a dependent, the proper documentation must be sent to the Relief Association, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree.

Download the form and mail it to:
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

For more information on changing your dependent(s), contact Member Services at (323) 259-5200 or

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