Plan a Retirement Event

>>> Submit an announcement online

Tips for Getting Started

  • Coordinate with the Guest of Honor
  • Choose a date and location
  • Accommodate for holidays, platoon working, religious restraints, changing occupancy, and other factors
  • Clear the date with the master calendar in the LAFD Community Liaison Office at (213) 978-3820 and place the event on the master calendar
  • Finalize location reservations/booking
  • Forward the Weekly Bulletin notice to the LAFD Community Liaison Office no later than 3:00 PM on Wednesday (4 weeks prior to the date of the dinner) to begin publication in the next week’s bulletin
  • Notify the Relief Association – Grapevine Magazine (323) 259-5231, Badge/RedBook (323) 259-5259, Relief Website (323) 259-5260

Note: The retirement badge and “Red Book” will be ordered when the member files for retirement at the Relief.

Download – Plan a Retirement Checklist

Download – Retirement Dinner Planning Guide

Service Pension Check List

Announce the event on the Relief website event calendar and Firemen’s Grapevine Magazine

  • Complete online – Retirement Dinner Announcement Form
  • Submit high-resolution event flyer to or in the following format: PDF or JPEG.
  • Submit retiree’s headshot/photo (casual or in uniform) to or in the following format: JPEG or PNG.
  • Email announcement of the retirement to Grapevine, at least 60 days prior to the date of the dinner to
  • Determine who will write the Grapevine article
  • Forward the article to the Grapevine to by the end of the month to be included in the issue two months after (Example: articles submitted on Oct. 31 appear in the December issue)
  • Submit article and accompanying photos online or send them to the Editor at

Name: John A. Doe
Rank/Assignment: Engineer, F. S. 120 B
Place: Oak Room
Address: 17000 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA
Date: Friday, January 2, 2013
Time: Social Hour 6:30 PM; Dinner: 7:30 PM
Menu: Top sirloin & chicken
Price: $45, includes tax, tip & gift
Reservations: Call FS 120 at (213) 237 7241

Contact Fire Personnel Services for

  • Service Pin
  • Personal Record Book: Guest of Honor’s immediate supervisor usually presents it
  • Certificate of Appreciation: A Chief Officer usually presents it

Other Possible Notifications

  • Other related organizations where the Guest of Honor belongs
  • City Council Member
  • Fire Commission

Other Party Details

  • Arrange for any other appropriate presentations
  • Determine the number of guests, including non-firefighters
  • If not included in the price, select a gift(s) by talking with fellow workers, family and friends
  • Book a photographer, if needed
  • Determine if an invocation is desired
  • Provide the Master of Ceremonies with a list of speakers so he can arrange the sequence
  • Ask that helpers assisting with the dinner arrive at least one hour early

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