November 2018

October 31, 2018


Please accept this donation to the Widows, Orphan’s & Disabled Firemen’s Fund in the name of Don E. Brian. He was an Arson Investigator at F.S. 99 where I was an engineer. Don was one of those people that everyone enjoyed being around, and was captivating when he would tell stories of things he had seen or done. He was very soft spoken and would get a little gleam in his eyes while relating these stories. He was a true gentleman and friend. He will be missed.

George DeMott
Newhall, CA


Dear Andy & Fire Family:

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Andy Kuljis, for his warmth and caring assistance after the death of my husband, Assistant Chief James J. O’Neill. The Fire Family is a top-notch organization. was deeply touched by the outpouring of love, compassion, and support. Andy, the members of Fire Station 112, and Chaplain Tim Werle, arranged and provided a first-class “Celebration of Life” service on Fire Boat 2, San Pedro Harbor. The service was a memorable and moving tribute, honoring a great man – beloved husband, extended family, friend, & officer. Deepest thanks to all, who provided solace during our time of loss.

God Bless,
Lynn O’Neill



I wish to make a donation in memory of my husband, Walter Crumpacker, Jr. I truly enjoy the Grapevine. I always read the President’s message first, then the Retired Guys, who is so talented in writing articles for us. I noted his space was missing. I also enjoy tips on taxes, finances, and other ideas. Thank your staff.

Ethel Crumpacker
Topeka, KS



Please accept this donation to the WODFF in honor of my husband, Richard M. Smith who passed away in May. You have done so much for me. I truly appreciate everything: the Flag from Richard’s last station, the flowers, the online help—everything! The family and I miss this guy terribly. We were married for 60 years. I’m so proud to have been a fireman’s wife. Richard loved the fire service and was a fireman through and through. He would be so pleased if he knew how well I was taken care of by the LAFD. What a great group of dedicated folks!

Anna L. Smith
Oroville, CA



Please accept this donation to the WODFF in remembrance of several great people: Arliss Berenger, great engineer and a person that knew how to sell someone an item, plus $100 for each promotion you make; Claude Creasey, a B/C that when assigned at the dispatch center always had your back and was a great contributor to FIRESCOPE; Mel Leydecker, a B/C that you could trust and was fun to work for; Glen Dinger, knew his job and was great to learn from and work alongside; Dean Cathey, a classmate and very proficient in his job; Tim De Luca and Don Anthony, deputy chiefs that I truly admired.

Also, I would like to thank the organizations and members that take care of us retired members: LAFRA Board Members, COA, Los Angeles Retired Fire & Police Association, Andy Kuljis for always helping families, Ken Buzzell – pension board with a vast amount of knowledge, Don Forrest, Work Compensation issues, and Jim Finn and Frank Borden for managing the fire department museums.

Bob Neamy
Gardnerville, NV



In honor of Chloe and Averie Lee’s 8th Birthday, and in remembrance of their father, Brian Lee. We would like to make a donation to LAFRA. Happy 8th Birthday sweet granddaughters, Nonie and Pawpaw.

Love You,
Irvette and Jerry Smith



Thank you for saving my life. My blood sugar went to 27 as I thought I was going to bottom out and took insulin.

Robert J. Hromadka



Please accept this donation to the WODFF in memory of my good friend, Dean Cathey. Dean possessed a remarkable blend of integrity, honesty, and loyalty to the LAFD and his friends as well as a great sense of humor. He personified the term, “an officer and a gentleman.” He was a wonderful human being and my wife and I miss him dearly.

Alan and Robin Schroeder
Gardnerville, NV


Dear Andy,

We would like to thank you and your LAFRA staff for all your invaluable support and guidance for Mom and the family after Dad passed away this past July. Many thanks also to George Negrete and Jim Finn (LAFDHS) for performing and coordinating the memorial service at Old 27’s. The flag, the flowers, 10 bells, friends, family, and of course an amazing Ray Walker song, all seemed a perfect way to honor Dad.

Ron & Stacey Leydecker
Kelli (Leydecker & Gene Lyerla


President Steinbacher:

A year ago I wrote to you about the loss of Kevin Dowling, retired Captain II Tom Dowling’s son. At that time, I informed you that his other son, Erik, was diagnosed with the same cancer as his brother. Unfortunately, Erik has lost his battle also. Erik fought his battle with such courage and he was an inspiration to many of his friends and family members.

I wish to thank Steve Berkery and the Relief for the help they have given my sister and her family in a time of need. I also want to thank Mike Balzano for keeping in touch with my sister and I, and for his concerns and prayers. Last, for those who did pray, thank you also. I know there were many. For those who wish to help, there has been a scholarship opened up in the name of Kevin and Erik at St. Francis High School where they both played football and both wore the number 55. So please donate to keep their names alive at:

Again, Thank You
A/O Ed Tapia, retired
FF Robert Tapia, FS 66-C

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