August 2017

July 31, 2017

Dear Andy,

Please accept this donation to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund in the name of Rudy Concha.

In about 1970 I bought my first home on Enadia Way in Van Nuys, right next door to Rudy and Faye Concha. It seemed like every day when I would come home from work there he would be, washing his car or mowing his lawn. I can remember saying to him “Rudy, don’t you ever work?” His reply would be, “Oh, you just don’t miss me when I’m gone!”

Rudy would eat, sleep and drink fire department, he absolutely loved his job. After listening to so many of his stories he invited me to lunch one day at Fire Station 92. I was so impressed that I couldn’t stop thinking about and asking questions about the fire department. By the grace of God, I became a member of the LAFD in April, 1975.

Thank you Rudy for all your help and inspiration. Rest in peace my friend.

Chris Shaw
Redmond, Oregon
P.S. I miss you now


Dear Andy,

I can’t thank you and the Relief Association enough for all your help and guidance through the process of dealing with my dad’s [Jerome Tenhundfeld] death. The flowers and commemorative flag mean so much to my mom and our entire family. But mostly your presence that day was immensely comforting and a great honor to my dad.

Please thank John Keys, the bagpiper, for us – he was wonderful!

Bless you for all you do for the fire family.

With appreciation,

Teena Tenhundfeld Spindler & family
Irvine, CA


Dear James Dolan and LAFRA,

I want to thank you so much for the flag and beautiful presentation box. Jerry [Fitzgerald] opted not to have a funeral so it means a lot to our family.

Even though Jerry had Alzheimer’s disease, he could remember every assignment he had and the dates he was there. He could also remember the names of all the men he worked with at each house. The fire department was so much his life, I guess this would have been the last memories to go.

I also want to thank you for contacting everyone. What a relief for the papers I had to fill out just to appear. You have made a very hard time less stressful. After a career of many years without serious injury, his dying from hitting his head took us all by surprise.

Thank you again for your kindness.

Juanita Fitzgerald and family
Santa Clarita, CA


To the LA Firemen’s Relief Association,

I am a central tech at Northridge Hospital. I have a little bit of exposure to LAFD operations as I do some work in the E.D. I am familiar with some of the Valley stations such as 73’s, 100’s, 104’s and others. This is where I have met some of these firefighters.

Like all of LA, I was saddened to hear about the tragic accident of the late Kelly Wong. I feel for both his widow Danielle, and his infant son Colton.

I am aware that all firefighters, when they pass, usually at a retirement age, instead of flowers, want that donations be made to the Relief Association. I have done this before, but not under a tragic circumstance. That changes today. I wish I could do more, but here is my donation in memory of Kelly Wong, and my thoughts and well wishes during this most trying of times go out to his family.

Yours most respectfully,

Danny Goodwin, Senior Tech Central Service
Northridge Hospital



Ed [Hewko] was a friend for many years. We surfed together and watched our daughters play volleyball at Dana Hills. He was a great guy and always was on the positive. My thoughts and prayers go to Peggy and family.

Mike Bowers



Rudy [Concha] was a fireman when I went to 92’s as a new TFC. While I knew him prior, we had never worked together. He was very involved with Spanish youth, and I am sure he changed the lives of several, all for the good.

Rudy McTee



Harry [Gradi] was one of a kind. Having worked with him at old 4’s, he will always be in my memories as a great fireman, a great cook, very colorful individual who brought good times to the fire station on all shifts. He was so helpful to me off duty, he assisted me with three of our houses. He was the go-to guy for our heating and A/C needs. He continued to work on members heating and AC after he retired.

We knew he was a fighter, he never complained about his illness. He demonstrated how one is to place their trust in the Lord. While attending his birthday party several months ago, Harry was doing all he could to insure everyone was having a good time. You will be missed brother.

Dave Bolding



I was deeply saddened to hear that my friend Harry Gradi had passed. I worked with Harry for many years at old Fire Station 4. He was always fun to be around. There was never a time when Harry was not cheerful and he always greeted me with a smile and kind words. Although I have not spoken to him for many years, I have thought about him and our great conversations many times recently. Today my world got a little bit smaller knowing that Harry has left it. I have been blessed by God by having Harry as my friend. I will pray for God’s comfort for his family.

Michael McMaster



I had the honor to work with Harry [Gradi] at 4’s in the late 70’s. He was a great cook, fun to be around, a true friend, and he had a lot of firefighting experience he shared with us younger members.

I did learn the hard way that Harry did not like bottle rockets shot at him when he was sleeping. I had to hide in my locker for about an hour while Harry searched for me.
Harry will never be forgotten. RIP Harry.

Kevin Kearns

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