Wendy Cummings

June 8, 201522 Comments

Firefighter III, FS 10

June 5, 2015


Service 07/13/2002 – FS 10

Details about the memorial service

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Howard Kaplan says:

    “No one really dies, unless they are forgotten”


    You were a friend, a co-worker, a member of our 911 response team, and most important, a wonderful person.
    There wasn’t anyone, on or off the job who did not enjoy your exuberant personality.
    My heart is sad, a friend has left. You will remain in my heart forever.
    May you Rest In Peace.


  2. Al Barrios says:

    I worked with Wendy at Fire Station 9. She was a dedicated medic and had a high work ethic. She had a passion for sports and didn’t mind being competitive with her male co-workers. We all had some good times at the station and at the lake. Wendy you left us too early.

    Al Barrios, Retired

  3. Lisa Oatman Peters says:

    Wendy’s sweet spirit, kindness and friendship will always apart of us in our memory of her. As a spouse of a Fireman she worked with, her friendship for him and his family was so appreciated. It was an honor to know her. She will always be loved and honored.

    Lisa O. Peters

  4. Larry A. Ford says:

    Wendy was a Great Person, and a real asset to LAFD, and the City of Los Angeles. I worked with her many times,,all over the city,,she was loved an appreciated by all Larry Ford LAFD FFIII ret. ’93

  5. Kevin says:

    Wendy had such a positive attitude. She always seemed to be happy in her work no matter the time of day or night. I enjoyed working with her. Our LAFD family has truly lost a special person.

  6. Dan Rodriguez says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Wendy her last year or so at Fire Station 10. If you knew her, you loved her…how could you not? She loved people, loved her job, and always had such a positive outlook on life. I really enjoyed reading her blog, “wendyonwillow”. She was such an amazing writer you could almost hear her talking to you when you read her blog. She kept you abreast of her life in retirement, adventures on Willow, and her ups and downs in this fight with cancer. She lived life to the fullest and will be greatly missed.

  7. Rick Denning says:

    Wendy was truly genuine and caring, she will be missed. RIP

  8. Marv Williams says:

    I had the good fortune to work with Wendy for many years at Fire Station 10. Wendy and Linda Ulum were one of the best paramedic teams in the City. We often said that if we were injured, we hoped that it was Wendy and Linda who responded to the scene. We knew we would be in good hands. Now Wendy is in good hands. RIP, you will be missed.

  9. Rose Kemper says:

    I met Wendy many years ago, when she worked at Fire Station 10 with Lane Kemper. I was told so many great stories about her and Linda Ulum. She was much loved and very respected. Rest in Peace Wendy.

  10. E. Max Hengst says:


    You were one of the first LAFD paramedics I rode along with. You were always there for me and the other paramedics during the fun times and unfortunately the sad times. You were always rock solid and true example of a caring person. You set the bar on this department. You are truly one of the good ones. Why are the best taken away from us too early? I think I speak for everyone when I say that our hearts are broken. See you on the other side. You will always live in our hearts…Max

  11. Larry Hoerner says:

    A true pioneer in the fire service. As an example of what a paramedic firefighter should be, Wendy set the bar; not only for female firefighters, but all firefighters. A job well done. Rest In Peace my sister!

  12. Bob Smalley says:

    I worked with the saintly Wendy on many SOD days and on the board of the old Paramedic Relief Assn. She was a caring, competent, professional who was a credit to the LAFD and a gift to the citizens of Los Angeles. She gave unselfishly and cheerfully and made everyone around her better. God’s peace and grace be with her.

  13. John Lee says:

    I am sorry that I cannot attend the Memorial for my lil sister. Thanks for sharing those smiles with me! I pray for the family. RIP

  14. winnie cummings {Mom} says:

    Thank you all for your sincere comments. I agree with your comments. Winnie Cummings

    • Ellen Todd says:

      Hi winnie,
      She will be greatly missed – she was a wonderful person and wonderful friend. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. I could try to offer every superlative that Merriam-Webster has to offer, and still fall short of expressing my admiration and respect for Wendy. I know I am not alone. Word of her passing was as hard to take, as it was to believe. She was always Wendy. Always there. Always doing something good.

    Moments after I learned that Wendy had passed, I was approached by a young neighbor bubbling with excitement. This ten year old boy, whose Father was killed in action in Iraq, had long been yearning for “just the right puppy” – and finally the day had come.

    As I sought to put aside my sadness about Wendy and share in this boy’s happiest day, I struggled to grin as he carried on about his “bright, beautiful and loving girl”, how “she always looks like she’s smiling” and “she makes my heart so happy”.

    Our conversation continued with the normal chatter about caring for, feeding and housebreaking his “new best friend”. Before he ran home to be with her again, I finally asked “What is her name?”

    Willow he said.

    I’ll admit it caught me off guard, as I took a deep breath, and a tear ran down my cheek. “Mr. Humphrey, are you OK?” said my young neighbor. I assured him I was fine, and that it was a tear of happiness, because I assured him…

    Willow is a most beautiful name.

    And so it is in the unfairness of this life, that we must say farewell to Wendy, but know that she lives on in countless ways – always brightening hearts.

    If you have yet to do so, I hope you’ll reminisce about the life of this wonderful woman by taking a moment to visit:


    • Craig Evans says:

      Thanks for your kind words and link to Wendy’s blog. Your eloquent prose speaks for us all. I knew Wendy through the comings and goings on the department. A few SOD days here and there. I even think she did a brief stint in the FPB when I was on special duty in 94-96. Maybe even EMT recrert. She was a kind and thoughtful individual. I enjoyed talking to her about sailing.

      I spent some time this morning reading her blog on wendywillow, What an unbelievable story of honesty, love and grief. I hope it stays on-line for a while. Everyone should read it. What a reality check!

  16. Ken Meyer says:

    Wendy had such a big heart and awesome personality. The world has lost a very beautiful person. I am so over come with sadness from her passing. She helped me get over my fears and anxiety during my battle with cancer. She had such a way with words that she was able to reassure me that I would get through all the nasty treatment and pain. Wendy, I will miss you dearly. You were a great friend. My deepest sympathy to all of Wendy’s family and friends. Your light will always shine in my life and all the people you touched with your warmth and kindness. May God Bless you and your family.

  17. Ellen Todd says:

    Today I was priviledged to attend the most beautiful memorial I have ever been to for my dear friend Wendy ” Hi Sunshine ! ” Cummings. It was beautiful and touching to see so many that loved her. Although I shed more than one tear ( Wendy would have hated that ) there was laughter…..and Wendy would have loved that. She gave everything to so many…..sail on Sweet Wendy – you will be missed by many and forgotten by none.

  18. Brian Askari says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Wendy’s passing. I had the privilege to work with Wendy a number of times during my time with LAFD as a single-function medic in the early/mid 80’s. Wendy was an outstanding paramedic and each time I worked with her, I learned something that made me a better medic. Wendy’s positive attitude and enthusiasm, not just for the job, but for life, were contagious.

    • Greg Shirley says:

      Truly one of the best!!! So many memories at 10’s with “The Gang”. Wendy and Linda were one of the “guys” and were the best. Stay out of Wendy’s way on scene. She was in charge. We love you and will forever be in our hearts.

  19. chris todd says:

    Wendy was a big part of Catalina Outrigger Club. Have missed paddling, sailing, and most of all laughing with her. She was a special lady!

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