Melvin L. Leydecker

July 16, 201811 Comments

Battalion Chief, Fire Station 15-C

July 12, 2018


04/07/1991 – FS 15C

Details about the memorial service

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. "Ed" Sandell says:

    Chief Leydecker was a well-liked officer and very competent. He was my chief two different times. I remember one of the first large brush fires I ever went to with him. We had an “officer’s meeting” next to my rig…so I listened in as to hear the plan. The cul-de-sac we were on was threatened…and chief had a plan. What totally blew me away was his calmness under fire. A quality I always admired in firemen. RIP Chief

  2. Tony Hidalgo says:

    Very sorry to hear of Mel’s passing. A great officer and a fine gentleman. My condolences to Ron and the Leydecker family.

  3. Bob Munoa says:

    As stated above Mel was a fine officer and firefighter, one of the best in my opinion. At the picnic in Debs Park , in 1981, to thank all for the help restoring the Water Tower my son who was 6 at the time became sick, Mel saw this and took him and cleaned him up, unknown to me at the time. Mel and Diane are good and unselfish people. The Munoa family sends their condolences to the Lydecker family. Rest In Peace my friend.

  4. Gary Jenkins says:

    Chief Leydecker’s honesty, integrity, and professionalism, represented the Los Angeles Fire Department well and set a fine example for others to follow. My deepest sympathy to Chief Ron Leydecker and the Leydecker Family.

  5. Raul Miranda says:

    Chief Mel was a well respected officer and true gentleman. One of LAFD’s best. A pleasure to work for and with. Sincere condolences to Ron and the Leydecker family.

  6. Ron Leydecker says:

    RIP Pop. You had a good run! We’ll see you at the big one.

  7. Diane Leydecker says:

    My dearest Sweetheart…..Thanks for the “ride along”…..I wouldn’t have missed it for the world ! Love you forever….♥️♥️🚒🚒

  8. walker, ray says:

    Dear Diane and Ron,

    I dearly love and respect your wonderful husband and father. Mel is someone I’ve always looked up to.
    I have so many memories and only wish I could have worked longer with him. In my heart, I know he
    rests comfortably in the embrace of our Lord. My deepest sympathies are with you and I will keep
    all of you in my prayers.

    In love and sorrow,

    Ray Walker

  9. Rick Watters says:

    I first met Mel when he was a Captain at “Old 30’s”, I was a first house rookie at 14’s, and my Drivers License was expiring soon, so I was detailed to 30’s to be “Certified” to drive the Truck (a 1962 Seagrave) if I remember correctly. Mel and Bob Foster were the 2 Captains. A few years later I was an A/O at “Old 29’s” (working with Mel’s F/F son Ron) and Mel was the C-II at FS 26 south of 29’s on Western Av. I remember that 29’s always liked either going into a fire with 26’s in charge or if 29’s was first in having 26’s coming in behind us, due to their skill at fighting fire. Again a few years later I promoted to Captain and was assigned to FS 56, and the comfort level I felt having B/C Leydecker as my Chief. Mel’s wife Diane also played a Fire Clown called “Samantha Cinders” entertaining children at Fire Dept. events. A true Fire Department Family.

    May you “Rest in Peace” Mel.

  10. Larry Hoerner says:

    A true gentleman…married to the sweetest lady! I’m sure Joey is shedding a year, as are all who knew him.

  11. Paul Zubek says:

    When asked recently who from my past had a big impact on my life, Mr. Leydecker’s name came to my mind. My wife decided to try to look him up, and we found this site. I was sad to see he had passed. He was my scout leader in the 60’s and was a strong positive influence in my life. Such a good man. RIP.

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