Jere D. Souter

July 25, 201621 Comments

Captain I, Fire Station 51-C

July 21, 2016


Service, 07/05/1999 – FS 51C

Details about the memorial service

Additional Information:
Jere leaves two sons and a grandson on the job. Scott Souter Capt. II, assigned to In-Service Training. Rodd Souter Capt.II assigned to FS 92-B and his Grandson Shane who is a probationary Firefighter at FS-4C. Jere D. Souter request is no flowers. Please make donations to Widows and Orphans Fund.

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. When it comes to instilling virtue in one’s bloodline, we need look no further than Captain Jere Souter. The world and our LAFD workforce became a better place when he took his oath to serve. Rest in Peace Sir, you’ve leave us with a fitting legacy.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. Ed Sandell (LAFD ret.) says:

    Back in the day…Jere used to work lots of SOD days with us at FS 63. I drove him many times, and I can tell you it was always a good day with him at the helm. He was a calm guy with a funny personality. RIP Jere, “Ed” Sandell

  3. Mike Monroy says:

    I had the privilege and honor of working with your dad in Batt 4. And also the honor of working with his two sons. A very class act family. I also had the honor of working with his two sons. A very class act family. To the Souter Family, I send my sincere condolences to you for your loss

  4. Larry Schneider (LAFD ret) says:

    I worked at many fires with Jere in the “old LA Industrial District” while assigned to Battalion 7. Capt Souter could always be depended upon to have his Company (E25) in the right place at the right time. He was highly respected by the members of Battalion 7. My condolences to his family. Jere was a great guy.

    Larry Schneider

    • Rodd Souter says:

      Thank you for the kind words. Just recently my dad and I were sharing the great article that was in the Grapevine about the “old industrial District”. He had very fond memories of those fires. Hard work, dedicated men, great leadership. He was blessed to have had a great career working around some awesome people.
      God Bless.

  5. I fondly recall Captain Souter when I visited my father on the job with the LAFD in the early 80s.

    I’m assuming he’s the same dignified and stoic leader that I recall from those earlier times, although I don’t remember his first name. He was just “Captain Souter” to everyone.

    Rest in peace, sir.

    • Rodd Souter says:

      Thank you Sir for the kind words.
      My dad always enjoyed meeting new people and having visitors at 51’s.
      We appreciate your thoughts.

  6. Tony Hidalgo says:

    I knew Jere when I worked 12hr. v-hire’s during brush season at 47’s in the late 70’s.
    A great Offers and a fine gentlemen

    My condolences to his family.

    • Rodd Souter says:

      Thank you very much. 47’s was a fun time for my dad. Running up and down those hills chasing grass fires. Appreciate your thoughts very much.

  7. Sean K Conway says:

    I met Capt Souter when I was a teenager in high school. He was assigned at my local Fire Station (47’s) in El Sereno, where I grew up. Before I was eligible to take the FD exam and knowing that I wanted to be a fireman, I would visit Capt Souter at the Fire Station on a regular basis. Throughout the next several years while attempting to get hired I continued to visit Cap at the Fire House. I remember sharing with him how my ‘background’ interview had gone. His reply was, “You’ve got’a be kidding me”. He was kind, empathetic and always generous with his time.

    After I was hired in Feb 1980, Cap Souter was one of the first person I updated… He was genuinely happy for me and his enthusiastic acknowledgment was truly heartfelt.

    After two months at my first probationary house (FS 29 w/ Iron Mike Ambarian) Captain Souter called me on the Grapevine and insisted that I come and work a SOD day at old Fire Station 80, where he now worked.

    … As soon as I arrived at FS 80, and after giving me a warm welcoming handshake, Capt Souter stated, “Listen, you don’t have to do any of that rookie stuff around here”. My response to him was, “Well… Ok, maybe just some of it”. Needless to say, he spent the rest of the shift ‘kindly’ asking me to ‘slow down’. He also said that ‘I was making the guys nervous’. Great memories.

    Captain Souter’s passing has provided me a heartache. But, along with that heartache… it has given me an opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I was to have met him all those years ago. He was a ‘kind-hearted’ man who took time from his day to help a young kid to believe himself.

    To Captain R. Souter & Captain S. Souter; Both of you ‘got’ the best from your Dad… You’re both good men. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  8. Steve Schrobsdorf (LAFD ret) says:

    I worked with Capt. Souter at FS 51 from 1986 – 1988, great guy to learn from. I still have good memories working at 51’S. Scott & Rodd your dad was a wonderful man. I am sorry for your loss.

    Jere, You raised two great sons. Rest in peace.

  9. Rodd Souter says:

    Wow- thanks for the great trip down memory lane. It’s funny, my dad has a special way of making people feel comfortable. It was truly an honor for me to have been able to work around you also.
    I am so thankful for your kind words.
    God Bless.

  10. Chris Hare says:

    Rodd and Scott I am sorry for your loss. What impressed me most about your Dad is how he took ownership of the Airport. He gave my crew an impromptu drill while we were moved up. He truly loved his job and it rubbed off on me. He was proud of you guys, chips off the old block.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. trent hughes says:

    Rodd and Scott so sorry to hear of your fathers passing, I worked with him in Batt4 for many years, he was always a very pleasant man to everyone. Always looked forward to working with him, and his crew.

  12. Jim says:

    I worked with Captain Souter when I was at 95’s and he was at 51’s. He was a great guy to be around and very competent when it came to his knowledge of the airport. He always knew where to go and was always helpful to the RA crew, even though we lost contact after he retired I always wanted to “look him up” to relive those airport days. His passing is a loss to both your family and those who had the great privilege of knowing and working with him.

  13. DANNY FLORES says:

    Captain Souter worked A LOT of SOD at 62’s when I was assigned there as an engineer… It was always a great day when he would work with us… Good fun and belly bust’in laughs… Captain Souter and the time we worked together will be some of my fondest memories, working on the LAFD… It didn’t mattered if we were up all night, it was laughs until relief…So sorry for your loss, Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. God bless….

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