Your Uniform

May 31, 2019

Your Uniform provides not only protection from flames but empowers you to belong to an official force. Without words, your uniform – in unvaried appearance, distinctive design, material and color – communicates professionalism and organization. It separates the uniform from the civilian. Courageously, it represents honor, tradition, solidarity, and above all – authority.

Your Uniform stands for highly functioning teams and works hard to brand the organization to become recognizable by its customers. It increases the identification of the membership and allows for firefighters to do work within the homes, businesses, and communities you serve. It portrays an intentional image that evokes confidence amongst firefighters about their appearance and the effects on the environment in which they operate. Powerful at best, it can change the mood of people in their most critical time and allow for order to settle in.


“Your Uniform is You and Us
and who We represent”

Your Uniform provides for a sense of belonging and subconsciously influences the men and women of the organization to care for each other, be thoughtful about their actions and value each other’s rank. Proudly, it unites the masses, communicates conformity and commands the respect of its most hardened critics. It defines trust amid peers, and clearly reflects, not only the individual, but arguably the entire nation’s Fire Service.

Your Uniform is nothing without the user. It only rises to the occasion of symbolism when worn by the firefighter with respect. It is only enhanced to its potential when the consumer is thoughtful about the careful attention to detail. It is only strengthened when the men and women of the organization decide to be intentional about the construction of the threads, the sheen of the leather, the axis of the ornaments, and most importantly the reflection of the badge.

Your Uniform has been worn proudly by the firefighters of the Los Angeles Fire Department for more than 130 years. It has evolved over time to enhance safety, provide for usability and distinguish our team. Its impressive characteristics should be worn with greatness and never be misrepresented or altered with personal taste.

Your Uniform should be appreciated, praised for the work it will do throughout the day and admired for its time-honored distinction.

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