William E. Thost Sr.

February 5, 201916 Comments

Firefighter II, Fire Station 10-B

February 3, 2019


06/14/1987 – FS 10B


Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Terry Tuzzolino Sr says:

    Fireman Bill Thost Sr. was one of my mentors at FS10 back in the day…He was one of those firemen that everyone watched closely to learn about the job. His demeanor,skills and big smile were legendary. Rest in peace my friend…

  2. Frank Comfort says:

    RIP Willy. You were one of the best people I met during my time in Battalion 1. Prayers to your family.

  3. Lynn Spahr says:

    Willy Thost gave me advice that I use to this day. He was practical!!

  4. Chris Shaw says:

    I worked a weekend SOD day at 10’s as a A/O with Willy and Captain Petersen, the only time I ever worked at 10’s. I Learned more about being a A/O that one day from Willy and Cap Pet than I had up to that point on the job. A day I’ll never forget.
    RIP Willy and may God bring peace and comfort to your family.

  5. Duane Warth says:

    I am sorry to hear of your passing. I remember you in 1970 when I was a rookie in Battalion 1. You were one of the good guys. You always had a kind word for the rookies and a helping hand. Rest in peace.

  6. Bud Molle says:

    Willie Thost’s memory will always be that of one of the best men to ever don turnouts! I had the honor, with a number of members and families from all 3 shifts from 10’s, to drive our pick-ups loaded with Willie and Catherine’s belongings to their new home in Redmond, Or. To get Willie to agree to let us do that for them was like “pulling Hen’s teeth!” We had to come up with a little fib, that we all were all going fishing and camping to Oregon anyway. May you have the joy of an Eternal Life with our Lord! Thank you for all Willie!

  7. Bob Munoa says:

    TF 14 and TF 10 went to a lot of fires together. 10’s always had good crews you could depend on. Willie was a big part of that, his skill level was impressive. It was obvious watching him that he was constantly mentoring and teaching . He was alway a gentleman. On his last day at 10’s we went by to say goodbye and befitting the occasion caught a fire one last time with him. Rest In Peace my friend you will be remembered as one of the best.

  8. Kevin Kearns says:

    The Greatest Fireman I have ever been around period. Not only did he know his job as a Fireman, he would do the daily, weekly, and monthly chores and then cook 2 meals.

    I teach Fire Science in College and I use Willie Thost as the Gold Standard for what a young Firefighter would hope to be.

    RIP Willie, as Bob Munoa said, you will be remembered as the best.

  9. Robert DeFeo says:

    Bill Thost was a true warrior, We worked at 10’s on opposite shifts for almost 10 years and went to many fires together. Bill was fearless, smart, and the best Fireman I ever worked with. He was a mentor, a teacher and a leader in the Engine House. I was honored to be his friend. RIP Bill and I’ll see you at the big one.

  10. Allen Norman says:

    Bill Thost was a legend not only at Fire Station 10 and Battalion 1 but throughout the Department. A mentor and friend to all, a Fireman who could cook two outstanding meals for $2-3$ a shift and truly enjoyed being at 10’s. He and Captain Pete as well as the “Snake” and Lane Kemper on the “C” shift truly made “10’s a 10”

    Say howdy to everybody up there, Bill.

  11. Vince Manzo says:

    Willie was the best Fireman the LAFD has ever had. I worked with him at 10’s for 7 years until he retired. I learned a lot about how to be a fireman, a cook, a lock picker and he taught me about life. I was 19 and he was like having a dad at work. All the way up to his last shift he was the hardest worker you have ever seen. He was always doing something and I was just trying to keep up with him. Lane Kemper myself and a group from 10’s moved him up to Redmond, Oregon. After he retired and I had the privilege of visiting with him. Both him and Bruce “Snake” Larson were my idols my mentors. I miss them along with Lane, Pete, Barney, Don Bair and all the others that have passed.

    Love you Willie… RIP my friend.

  12. steve tufts says:

    A true fireman. thank you willie and rest in peace

  13. dick ziemer says:

    Willie–You were one of a kind, they broke the mold after you came along. What a fantastic person

    You were a super fireman a great cook you could fix everything . The most talented person
    I ever met in my 36 yrs. You & SNAKE will be missed. RIP My FRIEND

  14. Mike Hilliger says:

    Willie Thost was one of the smartest , most practical fireman that I ever had the pleasure to know. All members of this great department if they knew Willie, and had the pleasure of working with him, or around him, were the better for it. He could take a difficult situation at an incident and come up with an effortless solution that always had a positive result. His smile and positive attitude was always a blessing.
    He was one of the few cooks that could spend next to nothing and it always tasted good. As I stated in a previous reply for “snake” Larson, Willie was one of the few that could keep Captain Pete, quiet and under control! A true good guy who loved our Department and its members.

    I pray that Willie is resting in the Lord’s peace and care. I trust that his family is as well.
    Mike Hilliger

  15. ed tapia says:

    What can you say about Willie that hasn’t been said already, I had the great pleasure to work many SOD days with him and each time there was something new I would learn from him. As a young fireman and to work with Wille, Ziemer, Snake and Capt. Pete how could you not learn something new and see what the Fire Department should be like. I wish his family, peace during this time and to know Wille was admired by many.

    RIP. Ed Tapia

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