Wilfred W. Bisson

June 11, 202024 Comments

Assistant Chief, OCD

June 11, 2020


07/26/2008 – OCD

Details about the memorial service

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. don gross says:

    Well done Chief !!!…..:)
    ……. A “CLASS ACT” !!! ………
    see ya soon Chief !!!
    Batt 3 …back in the day …!!!!!

  2. Kevin Nida says:

    Chief Bisson was a radio pioneer for the LAFD. He initiated the LAFD Auxiliary (Ham Radio) Communications Service which is more than 200 volunteers strong today and recognized by the State of California. About 1995 he initiated our mutual aid radio interoperability project with dual-band radios in AC and BC command vehicles for state-wide and local fire interoperability. That program led to the LAPD Astro project with police radios with mutual aid capability in all apparatus. He lead many other technology projects and was recognized several years ago with the Metro Fire Radio Tower in Downtown Los Angeles named in his honor. RIP Chief. You fought a good fight, and you will be missed by many. KDG872

  3. Chief Bisson; was a pleasure to work with as a colleague and a friend. RIP, Chief.

  4. Kevin Kearns says:

    I worked with Chief Bisson when he was a Captain at Fire Station 4. He was on the opposite shift but we worked together often. He was a good Fire Officer and a pleasure to work with, always a smile on his face.

    I would see him over the years and we would reminisce about our time at 4’s, we would talk all the fun we had.

    My condolences to the Bisson family.

  5. Fr. Chris Van Liefde says:

    I first met Bill in 1980 when he was the TFC at old 29’s. He had the custom of tracing the outline of a boat in chalk on the back lot. Everyone would then pull up a chair and they would talk over the day and swap stories. It became a classroom for the many rookies who came through the station. He was a great leader and a fabulous teacher and cared deeply for his crew.

    He was a man of deep faith and it is that faith that saw him through many difficulties throughout his career and his personal life. His faith, his family, his friends and his fire department were the driving forces that animated his life. Several weeks ago, Marcie, his dear wife, called me to tell me that he was failing. I had the gift of visiting the two of them 4 times during his last 2 weeks, the last time just hours before he went home to the Lord.

    He was a great man and a dedicated servant of the community. My love and prayers to Marcie and the family.


    Fr. Chris Van Liefde–retired chaplain

  6. Mac Treasure says:

    Bill came to 25’s as a new Capt. 1 in 1976 (I think) Great to work for and a gentleman. Fun watching him deal with Eng. Roger Hirdler and Chief Lockwood, lots of stories. You will be missed. RIP

  7. Allen Norman says:

    Chief Bisson was a man of many talents, both professional and personal. He was a consummate expert in the field of communications and dispatch and shared these gifts freely with Department members and members of the community.

    Moreover, he was very well respected and liked by members of his command for his warm and friendly manner. Although he held the rank of Assistant Chief, he never allowed this fact to lessen his close interpersonal relations with his staff and always sought the role of mentor and and colleague.

    Rest well my Chief. We will share that bowl of “chodah” at Moody’s Diner in Waldoboro, Maine.

  8. Charles Butler says:

    I was fortunate to work with Bill at Fire Station 88 when he was Division III. I was assigned to the US&R rig. Neither Division III nor US&R 88 ran very much compared to the Task Force. Bill and I would always have a good laugh about sleeping in while the Task Force got up at night. He had a great sense of humor and always offered me good advice. It was truly a pleasure to have known and worked with him.

  9. Donald Manning says:

    Chief Bisson was a standout member of the LAFD. He was a great leader and excellent team member. He would light up a room. He was the best.
    My thoughts and prayers are with Marcie and family.

  10. Jack Kirkorn says:

    I first met Bill at old Fire Station 3 where we both worked at in the late 1970s. Immediately developed a good friendship that lasted until his death. When I first met him I thought his last name was pronounced bison, like the Buffalo. So whenever we would see each other one or the other of us would start making a buffalo like snorting noise, and the other would respond doing the same thing. We both got a good laugh out of doing that for all the years that we knew each other. I give Bill a lot of credit for me becoming a chief officer, as he is the one that suggested that I put in for a transfer to old Fire Station 29, where he had worked as a TFC. I did as he suggested and got the assignment and later was promoted to Battalion Chief. Bill was a real quality person, dedicated to the LAFD, his family, and the Lord. He will be missed by all who new him. He fought a tough battle to stay alive these past ten years. My prayers go out to his family. May he rest in peace.

  11. Jack Kirkorn says:

    I first met Bill in the late 1960s at old Fire Station 3 when we both were assigned there. Bill was just finishing up his probation rotation and I was assigned to old Snrkel 3. We developed a friendship right off the bat. It was the only time we had the opportunity to work together through career but our friendship remained even after both of us had retired. When we first met, I thought his last name was named after a bison (buffalo) so I would come up to him and make a snorting sound (like a buffalo would make), and he would respond in a like manner and we would both have e good chuckle. This greeting would continue until the last time I talked to him this past year. I also always thanked him for helping me during my career on the LAFD. In the early 1980s I was a TFC languishing in the hinterlands and he worked a SOD day where I was assigned and I told him I wanted to leave my assignment and prepare for promotion to BC. He advised me to put a transfer in for FS 29 as there was a vacancy there and he had worked there prior to his promotion and had gained invaluable experience and knowledge and it would be good for me. I put the transfer request in and got the transfer. It was one of the best experiences I had on the Department. In later years I would always thank him. Ironically, after we retired, new FS 29 put on a commemortive luncheon for past members assigned to old FS 29 and he and I drove in together from Orange County to attend.
    Bill was a true gentleman,, a great friend, dedicated to the LAFD, his family, and the Lord. We will all miss him. Please pray for his family. May he rest in peace.

  12. Michael Hilliger says:

    I met Chief Bisson in 1977 (think the date is right) when he was the TFC at old 29’s. I was a young A/O at 20’s and was fortunate enough to work a lot of SOD at 29’s. Chief Bisson was a true professional who had come to LAFD from another department on the east coast. Bisson was one who made the job fun and was thoughtful in his approach to firefighting. Bisson was fun to go to fires with and his different approach that he learned from the department on the east coast. Our careers passed again when I was the TFC at 20’s and Chief Bisson was the Batt.11 BC soon to make AC in Division 1. Chief Bisson was always fair to the officers that I was able to observe.
    Chief Bisson is a person that will be missed by the LAFD family. May God bless his family and bring the comfort that is promised from the Scripture (2 Corinthians 1:3-7)

  13. Tom Ottman says:

    The LAFD is full of forgotten people whose tireless efforts have made us a better Department. You can add Bill Bison’s name to that illustrious list. When I came on the Department, only the Captain and the hydrant person had their own radio and the hydrant person’s radio was questionable, at best, on its reliability. I never imagined a Department, where every on duty member had their own radio and could communicate with any Department member in the entire City. Bill Bisson and others are responsible for the state of the art communication system the Department possesses. Bill’s selfless pursuit of a system that has improved fire ground operations and increased firefighter safety, is a legacy he has left the Department. Next time you pass the Los Angeles Personnel Department on Temple Street, look for the large radio tower in the rear parking lot and say a prayer for Bill, for that tower is officially recognized as “Chief Bisson Tower.” He made us better.

    My condolences to Marci and his family.

  14. Bob Neamy says:

    I will never forget the contributions Bill made for the LAFD. He would tell me stories of how the late Jim Ott and him worked together as volunteer firefighters before being hired by the Department. He was not only a talented individual in ham radios which he developed for our back up system if our radios went down, but he would would give countless hours in doing his routine job in all ranks. He was a great individual and he will be missed by all.

  15. Dave Badgett says:

    It’s difficult to add anything that others haven’t already said. Thanks in a large part to Mike Fulmis creating opportunities, many of us were able to visit with Bill over the last year or so. One of the things that always stood out to me during those times was that Bill was always happy to visit and share stories, no matter how sick he actually felt. This continued through to his last hours. Like everyone has said, Bill was a pleasure to work with and a tribute to the fire service, it was my honor to know him.

  16. Joe Castro says:

    I worked with Bill at old Fire Station 29. I have a thousand amazing memories of this amazing man, Captain and friend. We fought fires, trained, and laughed our way through 3 great years together. He was a true professional and loved the fire service. I’ll forever remember the trips to Catalina Island. RIP Bill!

  17. Larry Mayer says:

    Whenever I saw Chief Bisson, it seemed he always had a smile. A true gentleman. RIP Chief.

  18. Michael Fulmis says:

    I first met Bill nearly 45 years ago when he was assigned as a new A/O at Fire Station 35. We fast became friends. I don’t know what I can add about Bill that hasn’t already been said. He was a talented officer, a radio expert, and a good friend. He retired as the “bull chief” (most seniority as a Chief Officer). I will miss our lunches at Mission Viejo Lake and our many conversations we had about the fire service. RIP Bill, I really will miss you. For the last time: KDG872

  19. Mike McMaster says:

    One year in the early 1980-‘s then Captain Bisson, who was the fireworks safety officer that year brought LF-17 to FS 4 to distribute literature about fireworks being illegal in the City of Los Angeles. While the members of LF-17 brought the fire station banner and handouts to the front door of 4’s, Captain Bisson stayed in the truck to monitor the radio. Suddenly as I was watching from the roof of 4’s there erupted the sound of bottle rockets coming (possibly) from the very same roof, and the rockets great glare was headed for the cab of truck 17. Although Captain Bisson did dismount the cab of truck 17 to investigate and speak to 4’s TFC the entire incident was inconclusive as to perpetrators etc and is still under investigation. Chief Bisson was a gentleman! Every time I was greeted by him he had a huge smile on his face and was cheerful. What a dedicated and great man.

  20. Bob DeFeo says:

    Billy Bisson, a true fire buff,great friend and fellow New Englander. We worked together at FS 10 and even though he had only a couple years on, he was studying real hard and had compiled a formidable study library. I was happy at 10’s but Captain Cutter convinced me to take the Captain’s exam. Billy offered me access to his library and this selfless act was instrumental in my making Captain. But our relationship did not end there. The day I finished probation I got a call from Bill asking me to work for him in the Background Unit. How could I say no. So in reality, all I was lucky enough to accomplish on the job started with Bill’s act of kindness. I am forever grateful to have known him as a fellow Firefighter and friend. My prayers are with him and his family.

  21. Marcy Bisson says:

    After reading these wonderful responses about Bill l am truly grateful that my husband had such fabulous
    Firefighters to work with l will miss him with all my heart❤️

  22. meffpm says:

    I met Chief Bisson when I was assigned to FCCS II. Being my first SD assignment he immediately made me feel welcome and was always someone I could talk to for advice. As busy as he always was, he always took time to see how things were going and would provide words of wisdom. A few years later I was called into his office as asked why in the world we were installing Motorola VHF and UHF mobiles radios into new apparatus. When I told him because you said it was a good idea. He was relieved when I told him it was still within the comms package budget. You see, one reason I did it was because he believed in interoperability and it was because of his vision we are where we are now. Most people do not know but the Radio Tower in the parking lot behind City Personnel was dedicated to Chief Bisson for all of the work and dedication he provided towards the advancement of Radio Communications in the City. I would say you will be missed but you already have been since the day you retired. Rest in peace Chief.

  23. Jennie Guy says:

    I wish to thank all the firefighters, friends, and fellow colleagues of my father, Chief Bill Bisson, for their replies, comfort, and loving support during this grieving process my mom, sister, and I continue to endure. Historically, we have learned so much through the stories and memories everyone has shared about my dad, and it has touched us in so many incredible ways. I miss you Papa every second of every day! Know although we are sad, we know you are in heaven pain free and joyful! I love you, forever! Jennie Guy

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding
    Proverbs 3:5

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