Spring Doubles Tournament

August 31, 2018

I want to say thank you to all the players in this tournament for keeping this tradition alive. We had a great turnout. It started off with 90 players and came down to the best competing in the finals in each division.

D Winners

In the “D” bracket it was the fellas from Station 66 vs Station 73. These are new players to the sport and they have a bright future. Winning the division was Soubra/ Spreeman representing all the players from 73’s.

C Winners

In the “C” bracket it was Spriggs/ Griley to defeat the long lasting Jones and Hirsch in this division.

B Winners

The “B” division was the longest match of the day. It went 2 ½ hours and down to the tie breaker. Alex Gonzales and Rossello would not let up against Ian Soriano and Elliot Ibanez. At the end, it would be Ibanez and Soriano pulling it off to win in the tie breaker. Congratulations to you guys, welcome to the “A” division. GOOD LUCK!

This next match was one of skills, patience, endurance and overall control of the game. Alex Garcia and Sergio Guzman vs John Libby and Frank Lima – the defending champs! This game came down to the tie breaker match point four times rotated in and out. Finally, the guy that was passing all game – Libby – finally took a shot and cracked it out front wall sidewall. This was a great battle between these guys. Thanks for all the lessons learned by just watching you fellas play. Libby and Lima defend their title.

Masters Winners

Now for the Masters division, just let me say it was really good to see these retired guys still participating in this tournament. In the finals, it was Gary Maga/Craig Nielson vs Paone/ Marez. These guys actually had the first match of the day and set the tone for the rest of the brackets to follow. These matches lasted 1hr 45min, coming down to the tie breaker. Maga with his finesse, Nielson with his serves put up a fight against Paone’s passes and Marez ceiling shots. They took it to the tie breaker, with Paone and Marez winning the Masters.

Thanks once again for a great tournament and get the younger players involved to keep this game of fine camaraderie alive! Also, thank you to Fire Station 2 for hosting the tournament. Next is Fall Singles, that tournament will define the Department Handball Ladder!

By Richard Ramirez

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