Scott Wofford-The Fabricating Firefighter

July 31, 2018

Like most American children, Scott Wofford had many hopes and dreams while growing up. One of those dreams was to become a firefighter, which he achieved in 1997. His other cherished aspiration was to own a small business. Prior to starting his career with the LAFD, Scott worked for a small fire engine manufacturer that built Type III, IV and V brush apparatus and water tenders. While he was there, he was able to hone his electrical and fabricating skills, enabling him to quickly promote to shop foreman.

In 2014 Scott achieved his second dream when Fire Fabrication, Inc. was born, and he took delivery of his first CNC plasma table. Originally the plan was only metal fabrication, with the goal of building fire apparatus. Scott then decided to expand his team and began offering digital printing and graphic design in 2016.

“We laugh, we joke, and we love what we do! No job or company is too big or too small…we love them all!”

It didn’t take long until Fire Fabrication’s graphics and printing department was creating wide format digital prints up to 60” wide. They can now print on a wide variety of materials, creating banners, flyers, decals, and canvas prints including wallpaper and reflective. Scott’s reflective material is perfect for fire department equipment markers, decals, and emblems.

Scott can also create artistic works from steel and various other metals–just like the one he recently did for Engineer Bill Bringas’s retirement gift from some friends and co-workers. No job is too big for his 4’x9’ plasma table, but if it is bigger than that, Scott’s master welding skills can handle the job. One of Scott’s signature pieces is the American flag and the customizing options are practically endless. Firefighters First Credit Union even has one of Scott’s 9/11 tribute flags displayed in one of their offices. If you have a metal piece, banner, decal, or other hard to create piece, Scott may be the one that can help you with it!

Fire Fabrication has worked with fire and police departments across the nation, kid’s sport teams, and even large government agencies, such as NASA. Fire Fabrication also works with business owners to create products and signage for their markets. Scott’s company is striving to bring America back to the forefront of manufacturing. He prides himself on using American machinery and raw materials, in addition to supporting other small businesses.

If you have a project in mind and need help developing it, you can contact Scott at (916) 580-0800 or email him at You can also take a look at his website,, or his company’s Facebook or Instagram pages to see some of his projects.

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