Russell B. Weck Jr

June 29, 20209 Comments

Captain II, Fire Station 70-B

June 26, 2020


04/04/1993 – FS 70B

Details about the memorial service

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Tony Hidalgo says:

    Very sad day. My condolences to Russ’s family. Weck Tech 86

  2. Philip Hobson says:

    Russ’s pour his heart into making us Captain’s. Weck Tech 1982
    Wish the very best to Russ’s family.

  3. Tim McDonell says:

    Weck Tech 1990ish. He gave his all. Thanks Russ. You made the LAFD a better department.

  4. Rick Erquiaga says:

    I promoted to Inspector in 2005 due in no small part to Russ’s excellent instruction. Russ’s Care and Commitment to the LAFD and Fire Service was reflected in the appointment and promotion of many members of the Fire Service. My Condolences to the Weck Family. Thank You, Russ! Rest Well. You made a Difference!
    Rick Erquiaga

  5. Raul Miranda says:

    First of all, THANK YOU RUSS WECK for motivating; organizing; teaching and guiding the many generations of LAFD members (and other agencies) through the process of career promotions. Most fire service promotions do not come without much personal sacrifice. Knowing this, Russ gave his all (for decades) to support the efforts of those seeking to advance their careers. He taught many ranks to be successful, which in turn made our fine department even better. His teaching techniques were unmatched. To this day I remember things I learned in Weck Tech (’96). I will forever be grateful for all of his help. My condolences to the Weck family. Rest in Peace Russ.

    Raul Miranda

  6. Brian Ballton says:

    My condolences to Russ’s family. Weck Tech 2007

  7. James Kinninger says:

    Russ & I were Drill Tower classmates in ’68, and studied together before class. We’d arrive at 6 am and sit in his Sunbeam or my VW and read each other’s notes before the daily quiz. He was tenacious, even as a rookie. He hated it when I would out score him on the tests. Years later I was in his first Captain’s class. That was in ’75-’76 and I was promoted in ’77. I often thought that if Russ needed to get inoto a room he’d just knock the door down rather than first try using the door knob! Sadly, that trait later cost him is BC’s promotion. Rather that cave-in from that setback, he doubled down on his promotional classes. No surprise there since Russ taught school before he join the FD.

  8. Nat Lauro says:

    My condolences to the family. Weck Teck engineer 1999

  9. Terry Waters says:

    Russ was a very unique individual, and a good friend. I was in his class in the late 80s, and made Captain with many others. I helped with future classes, only because he asked. Many who were in my Weck Tech class (and many who were in other Weck Tech classes) went on to be Department leaders. Russ was tenacious, loyal, and committed. He was one of a kind. I’m sure he’s teaching something in heaven, because he’s just gotta do that!

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