Richard W. Watson

November 18, 201923 Comments

Captain I, Medical Liaison Unit

November 16, 2019


07/31/2014 – Medical Liaison Unit

Details about the Celebration of Life

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Al Angulo says:

    I had the extreme pleasure to know and work with Rick, He was a great LAFD asset & a true gentleman. He always provided superior care to those in need. He proved his high level of concern and compassion for his comrades, when assigned to the Medical Liaison Unit. RIP Rick.

  2. Guy Tomlinson says:

    Class act. Truly a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed our time at 10’s, in Battalion 1 and at FHMTC together. You will be missed by all. RIP Rick

    Guy Tomlinson

  3. Bob Fogelman says:

    I worked with Rick and around him for years. Excellent Paramedic, great with patients, great fun to work with. Very sad to hear of his passing. Truly a class act.

    RIP Brother,

    Bob Fogelman

  4. Lauren deRosier says:

    You were one of the truly “good guys”… always pleasant to be around, a man of solid character and values. Your premature departure is truly all of our loss. Rick, you will be missed. My condolences to your family, RIP brother.

  5. Kevin Kearns says:

    I first met Rick at FS 34, he was a great Paramedic and extremely funny and intelligent. He and his partner would submit F 100 suggestions to Chief Gordon that were classic. My favorite was inflatable grand stands for incidents. You would put the sock over the muffler that would blow up the stands and then charge civilians to watch the incident. They had drawings included, it was a work of art.

    Later I had the honor of training Rick at Drill Tower 40 when he cross trained as a Firefighter.

    I’m going to repeat what has already been said but Rick was a CLASS ACT.
    My condolences to the Watson family…Rick you will be missed RIP.

  6. Cori Tipton says:

    I met Rick at FS 34 as a paramedic. A truly wonderful and funny man, with a passion for his work and the people around him. I am very sadden by this news. RIP Brother. You will be missed.

    • Dskir says:

      Rick Watson. I also first met Rick at FS 34. I was a new medic and when he and his partner John Noland put in a suggestion for an escalator for the station, i was in awe. Several years later when Medical Liaison needed another Captain, I knew he would be the perfect fit. His humor kept our office sane but his compassion rivaled no other.

      His love of family, faith, and Disneyland always provided for wonderful conversations and text messages through the years, even after retirement. Anyone who met Rick knew he was a special sincere person. Thank you for your years of friendship, videos of your grandbabies, laughs, and ernest conversations. I miss you. We will keep our eye on your Diana.

  7. Jim Polzer says:

    RIP Rick. I enjoyed the time we worked together. A very caring person, a true gentleman.

  8. Sonny Garrido says:

    R.I.P. Rick.

  9. Tom Ottman says:

    Rick was truly one of the real good guys on the LAFD. I do not know of a nicer, kinder, caring individual than Rick. He and his wife had both overcome serious medical issues and were enjoying their roles as parents and grandparents. Rick was a man of Faith who loved his Church and family. He set a great example on how to live one’s life and will be truly missed by his family and friends. RIP Rick, you will be missed

    Tom Ottman

  10. John Noland says:

    Rick was a great partner and had a huge influence on my life. He was loved by all. He will be missed.

  11. ed gomez says:

    another 20’s alumni who made it a great place to work, rip rick

  12. Bob Munoa says:

    I worked around Rick for many years and then had the pleasure to be his Captain at 20’s. The comments stated
    In the previous posts attest to the type of person Rick was, A true gentleman and a pleasure to work with.
    Rest In Peace my friend, you will be missed.
    Bob Munoa

  13. Dennis Gildehaus says:

    RIP Rick, may God bless you and your family, you will be missed by all. Mouse

  14. Daniel Stark says:

    Captain Watson was a Great Man, and still continues to be, even though he is now gone. He was outstanding to work with, and always jovial! My heart goes out to him and his family. Rick, May God Bless you on your ascent into Heaven!! As my Grandfather always said, you never walk alone!! See you on the other side my friend!!

  15. Bob says:

    Bob Mihlhauser

    I had the distinct pleasure of working with Rick at FS 10. Rick was one of the most compassionate, thorough and consistent paramedics on the LAFD. Rick’s demeanor did not change throughout the day, he was a great person to work with at incidents and around the fire station! Condolences to his family and friends.

    Bob Mihlhauser, A.K.A. Moose

  16. Ed Tapia says:

    As you can see from al the replies Rick will be missed and truly was one of the good ones. What more can you say about him. He left us to early. Rest In Peace.

  17. A. N. Norman says:

    Rick was an inspiration to all that he touched whether it was a fellow Firefighter or patient.He was a fine and giving member and was so well respected by the organization.

    He was a fellow gym rat at Franks. A day without Rick at Franks, was like a day without Rick at Franks. It was also like a day of no JA-ZZ..”Smooth jazz” doesn’t qualify as it is not jazz.

  18. Rey Lavalle says:

    I just heard of this sad news. If memory serves me, we were both assigned to old F.S. 68 (he was either partnered with Bob Dougherty or Ed Davidson). We survived. He was one of the best. RIP Brother.

  19. greg shirley says:

    Truly a real gentleman and will be missed. What a pleasure to work with Rick for many years at 10’s. Another one gone too soon. RIP

  20. Sheldon McKowan says:

    Rick was a true gentleman and all around great guy. I had the pleasure to work with him several times over our careers and didn’t find out that we had something in common going way back to our youth. He was on the swim team at CSUN, but graduated the year before I started there. It seemed to make our friendship even closer. May all your fine watches keep on ticking! RIP my friend, you will be missed.

  21. Rick Erquiaga says:

    To say RIck Watson is a Class Act and a Gentleman is truly an understatement. I worked around RIck at FS 20 and many times on SOD days. Rick’s Wit, Humor, Compassion, and quiet Competence help resolve many an emergency situation. It also made life in the station interesting. My Condolences to the Watson Family.
    Godspeed, Rest Well Sir!
    Rick Erquiaga

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