Richard Houle

February 16, 201622 Comments

Firefighter III, Fire Station 112-B

February 14, 2016


Service, 05/18/2013, FS-112B

Details about the memorial service

Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Shari Rosemblat says:

    May his memory be for a blessing.

  2. Doug Brown says:

    A legend. Last of the brown Bombers. I hired him at the receiving Hospital. After our transfer to the L.A.F.D. I made him go to Paramedic school.Though a little rough with bedside manner. He was a good Paramedic.

  3. Rich Senneff says:

    Thank you for your 45 years of service and many colorful stories. You will be missed,rest well.

  4. John Murray says:

    I had the pleasure with working with Richard many years ago at old Fire Station 53 in San Pedro and many years later a few sod days at Fire Station 9. He was a very nice man but sometimes misunderstood. His heart was big and his paramedic skills were great. He at times, just as Doug Brown said, was a little rough around the edges. The LAFD needs more paramedics with skills like him. You will be missed Richard….God Bless you.

  5. David J. RAYA says:

    Dickie Houle a true legend of the fire department. But also with UPLA many a meeting became heated and Dickie was the unofficial Sargent of Arms and would restore order by threatening to “squeeze there heads” those were great days! RIP Dickie

  6. John Ware says:

    Got to know Dick at FS-3 and enjoyed his ideas on how the Department should be managed. Yes, rough around the edges but a very good street smart paramedic. Rest in Peace Mr. Houle

  7. larry schneider says:

    I have known Dick since the 1960’s and was present with him at numerous emergency incidents. Although Dick had great patience, there were a few individuals who started a fight with him. Because dick was a compassionate man he would always display “his” compassion to the patient in return. Dick should have been a Behavioral Therapist. I was required to write several letters from time to time explaining Dicks methods of improving these patients behavior, which he did quickly. Rest in Peace Buddy.

  8. Jeffery Allen Houle says:

    “The Legend” My Hero, That’s My Dad! My Father’s greatest joy in life was protecting and saving lives. If you were lucky enough to truly know him and was able to penetrate his armor, you had no choice but to love or respect him. As I following in his foot steps, I hear his voice every time I’m faced with a new challenge or routine call, he has never failed me. You can find him soaring with Eagles. Dad, Go rest high on that mountain, We Love You! – Jeffery Allen Houle “End of Message”

  9. Alan R. Cowen says:

    I first met Richard Houle in 1968 when he was hired by the City of Los Angeles Receiving Hospital Ambulance System. He was sent to be my driver in 77th Division (G-12) as we were then known affectionately as the “brown bombers” and worked out of Police Stations. It became apparent in a heartbeat that Richard was a complicated guy who liked to do things his way. He has the ability to look at you and sometimes put fear into a person but that was his “gig”. We soon had worked together for about two years and then on July 1, 1970 were transferred to the fire department. It was Richard and myself who made an appointment with the Deputy Chief at that time by the name of Petie Thompson where we both had the opportunity to tell him that we looked forward to our new home. Richard later became my room-mate and I really got to know him. Despite his hard outer core, there was a soft part of this man that really did exist. His “coat of armor” would soften considerably when not on duty. While I did see his tough outer shell frequently, he never turned on me when I occasionally told him to slow down when on “the whistle”. In fact, I recall as if it were yesterday (nearly 50 years ago) when he reached down into a filthy toilet to pick up a newborn that had been left at a Sears restroom to die and hand the baby to me as softly as he could have. There was goodness in Richard that most people did not see. We lost touch after several transfers and occasionally would meet up for lunch to talk history. From my perspective and even after lots of paperwork about Richard came across my desk which resulted in additional paperwork, I can say this: Even death was caught off guard when his time came.
    RIP Richard for you have given 45 years of your life to others and earned your place.

  10. Duane R. Warth says:

    Dick, I was sadden to learn of you passing. We work together at old F.S. 66 with you partners Roddy Hanson and George Spring for many years. In my opinion you were not always treated in a fair manner by the fire department administration on several occasion. I know it was difficult for you to accept that treatment as you always did a good job. I did my best to get us thru those difficult times. As I read the comments listed here about you, I see lot of caring remarks. That helps me with your passing. Rest in peace my friend, your job is done.

    Duane Warth, Capt. Ret.

  11. Jerry and Joanie sanders says:

    We have been neighbors of Richard and Eva’s for 3years and have become good friend’s. Richard has seen a lot of sadness in his life. We came to understand him. Every once in awhile he would show his soft heart and it made us proud to be considered a friend. We will miss our friend very much. Rest in peace.

    Jer and Joanie Sanders

  12. E. Max Hengst says:

    I always enjoyed working with him. Had quite the presence. He made me laugh all the time. He loved what he did and nothing stood in his way. I was lucky to have worked with one of the originals!

  13. Deresa Teller (Kenney) says:

    Sorry to hear about Dick’s passing. And even more so that he didn’t get a chance to enjoy a long retirement after serving the city for 45 years. I worked with him only a few times, and he was always a gentleman around me. I recall some crazy stories and was quite entertained by them.
    Rest in Peace Dick


  14. Marc Segal says:

    So sad to hear of Dick’s passing. He had a huge impact on my career and for that I am greatfull for having known him and worked with him. Rest in peace my friend…you are missed.

  15. John Lee says:

    Always loved our times together in the field. Never a dull moment when Dick showed up. I have missed the ribbing we use to give each other yet we knew where our hearts were…in Love with our family…and the LAFD for allowing us to do so! RIP Brother…Needle God for me and tell Him I’ll be there soon!

  16. Don Kusar says:

    I have a lot of memories working with Dick for many years at old
    Fire Station 53. Toughest guy you could ever meet, with a heart of gold.
    Rest in peace my friend.

  17. Lance Hodge says:

    I remember Dick, I was impressed by him, he seemed wise, and compassionate.

  18. Beverly Simms says:

    Dick Houle was assigned to Special Duty in the mid 80’s. I was the Secretary at that time. He loved teasing me and tried to intimidate me in a joking manner, but he quickly found out that it didn’t work. After telling him that I liked fishing, he shocked me and got me the coolest fishing kit, for my birthday, which was in a fancy carrying case, wrapped in a paper bag. He said he didn’t know what else to get me because I had everything. He spoke of humorous stories that kept me laughing. In my opinion, he was a gentle giant. He’s been on my mind lately, so I decided to google his name, only to learn of his passing three years ago.

  19. ARMANDO JAIMES says:

    Dick Houle SAVED MY LIFE! We responded to a shooting while working at FS38 around 1985, I was on E38 when we arrived, in those days no personal protection or waiting for LAPD. I saw a shooting victim on the front lawn face down and people all around. As RA38 arrived on scene I walked toward the victim, when suddenly the crowd dispersed in a panic. The victim started standing up with a GUN in his hand. He stood up and pointed the GUN right at ME about 15 feet away. Dick and his partner were getting out of the rescue. As I tried to move out of the shooter’s aim to the left, I saw a blur going towards the shooter very quickly. Dick had dropped all his medical equipment when he saw me in danger and had tackled the shooter. We quickly subdued him and secured the gun, I told Dick I didn’t think he could move that fast… but now years later I get to tell his family about his courage and act of bravery that made it possible for me to be standing here. God Bless you Dick and…Thank you!

  20. Saddened to hear of your passing. You had a huge impact in my life. You had a tough exterior, but I was privileged to see a soft and caring side of you. Thanks for the memories ” toots”, may you rest in peace.

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