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June 23, 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to use a knife to cut up your fruits and vegetables, a group of doctors has recommended that warnin’ labels be affixed to avocadoes. Evidently there’s been a number of people that have injured themselves while attemptin’ to slice this deadly fruit because of the large pit embedded in its middle. Shouldn’t the warnin’ label be attached to the knife and not what you’re cuttin’? Although, after workin’ around Roger Krueger for a number of years I can appreciate these doctors’ safety concerns.

Roger was the Captain II at 14 “C” for a time and whenever it was his turn to cook most of the guys stayed away from the kitchen. If you ever witnessed Roger cuttin’ anythin’ with a knife you immediately understood why most of the guys stayed at least 25’ away. Of course he always let loose with a barrage of censored remarks, yelps and groans that signaled to those in the engine house that he had drawn blood. In the mornin’ we all witnessed how bad the damage was by the number of fingers that were wrapped in bandages.

Roger’s meals were always tasty and his salads were especially good, except that any chunks of meat in the salad weren’t always chicken.

Well, I’m still goin’ to the coffee place with the logo of the mermaid with the long hair. Them Soy Grande Frappuccino’s are mighty tasty but they just introduced a new flavor. It’s a Dark Chocolate Mint Frappuccino. It’s even tastier and it only has 1700 grams of fat and 3750 calories. This drink only becomes dangerous to your health after you wash down a couple of them thick, extra-large chocolate chip cookies. But enough about my diet, let’s talk laptop computers.

I did buy one and promised myself that I would join the other Millennials at the coffee joint. However, after noticin’ that there are other props and gadgets that must be brought along and used to operate a lap top correctly, I have serious doubts about joinin’ this geekish revolution. First off, I found out that I’ll need at least 1 backpack in addition to my laptop’s carryin’ bag. The backpack is used to carry a variety of goodies includin’ headphones, chargin’ cables, adapters, water bottles and a mouse pad. I recently tweaked my lower back and now I’m havin’ serious doubts about luggin’ all this excess baggage around with me.

In addition to all that, I also noticed that my coffee joint is very noisy. You wouldn’t think that would be the case with everyone textin’ and starrin’ into their computer screens. But between the music bein’ broadcast throughout the seatin’ area and all the chit-chat from those waitin’ to pick up their orders, it gets surprisingly loud.

I’m just not sure I’d be able to concentrate and focus on writin’ upcomin’ Grapevine articles in that sort of environment. And there’s nothin’ worse than losin’ your focus and attention. Look what happens to people tryin’ to slice an avocado!

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