Ramey R. Stroud

April 2, 20192 Comments

Captain, Fire Station 30-C

March 30, 2019


06/29/1980 – FS 30C


Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Tom Guzman says:

    Ramey Stroud was the AutoFireman at Fire Station 1-A in 1975, my first house. He was a down to earth gentleman first, before his rank. I want to thank you Ramey for the guidance and respect you gave me as a rookie and new member of the LAFD family. I remember on one of our first runs, you were conditioning your horses blinders as you were giving me info and tips on roof ops. As we chatted he placed them (the blinders) on the siren, that just happened to be placed right in the middle of the old Seagraves hood. Suddenly we get a run, and everyone to their places on the Truck, Wagon, and Pump. When we return from the false alarm, Captain Criemen stops in front of the truck, shakes his head towards Stroud and points to the blinders on the siren and walks away. Stroud completely forgot that he had placed the blinders there, and looked at me and smiled. I would like to think that Strouds reply to Cap. was, sorry but I was explaining to the rookie about the old days. That aside, Ramey Stroud never tried to trick me in any way when it came to firefighting tactics or station house life, thanks loads. the Guz

  2. Bob Munoa says:

    I followed Tom into 1’s as my second house. I echo what Tom said about Ramey, he would work with rookies and shared his knowledge. One morning I was called into the office, Captain Crimean said Ramey is going down town this morning and you are acting A/O. Sure enough we had a run to County USC. That old 53 Seagrave was easy to shift driving back from runs, but had square gears going emergency. I had the privilege to work sod with Ramey at 30’s after he made Captain. Rest In Peace my friend, You will be remembered.
    Bob Munoaj

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