Michael DeLaBarcena

August 12, 20199 Comments

Firefighter III, Fire Station 8-B

August 11, 2019


04/30/2010 – FS 8B


Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Rich Senneff says:

    Mick was always fun to work with (unless you were his captain ) He was always coming up with a new angle on how to stir the pot. My favorite quote of his was when we were making relief.I would be heading out the door and he would shout across the apparatus floor “goodbye ,and remember to do the right thing ” Which Of coarse was Mick,s way of saying to call in sick tomorrow because he needed a”in house’ SOD day.Gone much to soon from duty related hepatitis.

  2. Kevin Kearns says:

    Had the opportunity to work with Mick in Batt. 9, on many occasions. Mick was a pleasure to work with, he knew his job and got along really well with all the other members. One story that always comes to mind was when we were having lunch in Westwood.
    A homeless person with a Marine insignia on his shirt approached Mick and asked him for money. Mick then asked him some specific questions about the Marines and who he served with. After the man answered Mick took out his wallet and handed him 2 twenty dollar bills. Mick then told him Semper Fi. That’s the kind of guy Mick was.
    My condolences to all the family…RIP Mick

  3. Rex Roth says:

    I was working with Mick and the CHP the night we were trying to extricate a patient who took out a street lighting pole and the car ended upside down. CHP had established a safe scene, however the circuits were re-energized and 4400 volts entered the patients body and then entered mine. I was told that it thru me threw the air and I had an altered level of consciousness. Fortunately Mick and E20 did a quick assessment and took me to Queen of Angels Hospital where I spent the night on a Holter monitor. Thank you Mick, E20 and Queen of Angeles: I am forever grateful.

  4. Antonio J Gonzales says:

    So sorry to hear of Mick’s passing, as shared by previous posts Mick was both a pot stirrer ( true to LAFD standards ) and and exceptional FFPM. His skill set on both were equal and at an exceptionally high level.

    Prayers to the DeLaBarcena family.

    RIP Mick, you made the ultimate sacrifice for the citizens of Los Angeles.

  5. David L Spence says:

    Mick was my partner for seven years at 71’s. Tremendous man and medic. back in the day the paramedic Engine had two medics and no rescue, so we transported in 800 RA’s, UCLA’s EMT ambulance and on occasion a paramedic RA. We had some amazing times and I learned from him. We met Elizabeth Taylor, Jacklyn Smith, Teri Garr, Michael Eisner, Quincy Jones, Kasey Kasem, Lisa Kudrow, Stevie Wonder and many more…Visited the Playboy Mansion (no parties), UCLA, Battalion 11 (from quarters), Griffith Park, Louis L’Amour’s home and more…Mick and I shared memories for a lifetime.

    Prayers to Renae and the family. Your Husband, Father, Brother, Grandfather was a good man.

  6. Peter Pulido says:

    Mick and I worked around each other when we were both stationed in Batt. 11. We realized that we had history one day while both working a day at FS 11. We both had attended the same schools in “Pedro”. We sparked up some old memories and stories and started a short but sweet friendship. Our times spent together would always end up with a good hardy laugh. You are missed my friend. May God bless you and your family. Pete Pulido.

  7. Renae Delabarcena says:

    To all those who have left messages and memories, both private and on this forum thank you for sharing. He was loved and will be missed.

  8. Claudette Gartner says:

    I want to thank all of you for the beautiful messages and memories you left for my little brother. I know how much he loved and appreciated all of you. Thank you for the beautiful and kind words.

    Claudette Gartner and family!

  9. Claudette Gartner says:

    I would like to share this video of my brother Micks memorial. The Rio Vista, Ca Fire Dept help put this beautiful memorial together to honor Mick.

    Claudette Gartner


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