Lawrence J. Mc Polin

May 18, 20203 Comments

Captain, Fire Station 1-A

May 14, 2020


01/22/1981 – FS 1A


Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Kevin Kearns says:

    Laurie & Tom,

    So sorry to hear about your Father Laurie, I know both you and Tom took good care of him.

    Kevin Kearns

  2. Tom Ottman says:

    Jim McPolin was my father-in-law and he was from the Depression/World War II Era. When he was 15, he lied about his age and joined the Merchant Marines and was in China before the Government discovered his deception. He was returned to the States and sent back to Canoga Park High School. He eventually joined the LAFD after serving in the US Navy and Coast Guard. He was not the type of guy who told you what you wanted to hear but rather pushed you to take advantage of your opportunities. He had an uncanny ability of knowing if I was not giving my best effort and would make a comment to challenge me to be better. I did not always like to hear what he had to say but he was always correct in his observations. He did not always agree with Department policies but adamantly supported, “The Chain of Command.” I attribute this to his military background. He had a profound love for the LAFD, that he passed down to me and we are both grateful to have worked for the Greatest Fire Department in the World. Tom Ottman

  3. Rick Watters says:

    I met Jim when I was transferred to “Old 87’s” from FS (Truck)22 when it was moved to “New 33’s”. Truck 22 was at that time the “Busiest Truck” in the city, and while 87’s was not the slowest it was a contender. Fortunately, a lot of which makes a FS a good place to work is the crew and the Captains, and 87’s was blessed with both. Jim McPolin was both a character and a “locker room leader”. He was also active in the “Boat and Ski Club” and introduced me to it. I remember that during this time an LAFD member was added to the Pension Commission, and Jim entered the race, ultimately losing to Sam Dinnitto who held the position for years. One incident I remember was a Structure fire response to Jim’s home address, which hearing, he freaked out. Fortunately it turned out to be a “Swamp Cooler” on the roof, and not a big deal, The last time I saw Jim was several years ago at the “Grace Simmons Lodge at a “Retired Fire and Police meeting and Luncheon. May you rest in Peace Jim.

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