June 2017

May 31, 2017


Ron [Dorn] was assigned to 5’s when I was an engineer at 63’s. He was the guy who would always help exchange our bottles or help us get our station supplies. He made the landscape at old 5’s look like a Japanese garden – he was the hardest worker in the station.

I worked with Ron off and on for many years. He was a great fireman and a great guy. I looked forward to his stories when I saw him, he seemed to always have some crazy story to tell. I remember one day looking for surf, I stopped at Ventura’s dredge – it had to be 15′ and stormy, but there was one guy out. I looked in the parking lot and there was that crazy man’s truck. Ron was doing what he loved – surfing.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Dorn family. My wife and I will miss driving by his house with our dogs and seeing his smiling face light up. Aloha my friend, enjoy the waves in heaven…

Danny and Lisa Flores


LA Firemen’s Relief Association:

I recently saw the memorial mention that Lawrence Schneider passed away. I met “Loom up” at my first field assignment during a DT ride-along with RA33. He was the TFC and had the crew there highly motivated. The last was when he was at Batt 9 and I was at EMS 5.

Over the years we crossed paths many times. What I appreciated most about him was that he totally expected everyone to perform at their best . . . no excuses. He was an icon. I am proud to have known him.

Gary Inman
Highland Village, TX


Dear Relief Association:

Larry Schneider was an excellent firefighter and I learned so much working with him. There are so many great stories that came from our time together. One that had a lasting impression on me was about his work in the community around Fire Station 33. He. The station, and even his wife, organized food and toy collection (this was before Spark of Love) for the needy families in the district.

Larry was also my friend and tenacious as hell. When I worked at an off-duty job, I dropped a steel beam on my leg and the surgeon said I would never walk again. Larry stayed in contact with me and was always encouraging me by saying, “George, get up and go! You can do it!” Between my wife’s and Larry’s constant encouragement, I was motivated to exercise, stretch and recover so I was able to return to full duty.

When Larry promoted to B/C, he asked me to be his Staff Assistant. Together we worked Battalion 7 and later Battalion 5. Working Batt 5 with Larry was when I decided to study for Captain. We worked together again when I promoted to TFC at 38’s and he transferred in to Battalion 6.

I can say that I feel blessed to have basically spent my whole career with Larry as my friend, colleague and mentor. We have so many good stories that come from an almost 30-year working relationship and a 50-year friendship.

I will miss Larry and always treasure the memories. God be with the Schneider family, I love you all.

George Bauman



I never saw Ronnie [Dorn] without that great, gentle, kind and friendly manner he always exuded. Negativity just didn’t seem to be in him. One of the hardest workers, best cooks and best firemen I had the true pleasure to know on and off the job. He is a shining example of “good people” and I suspect anyone who knows Ron will miss his enthusiasm for life.

RIP Ronnie boy

Douglas McCleerey



I am deeply saddened by Sterling’s [Johnson] passing. We were on the same Southern League championship football team. Sterling was a leader on the team. I am not surprised he became a captain in the LAFD. He had all the qualities need to be a good family man, father and professional.

Rest in peace Sterling.

Homer Butler

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