Jamie W. Remy

April 5, 20197 Comments

Captain, Fire Station 48-C

April 4, 2019


01/16/1992 – FS 48-C


Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Duane Warth says:

    Jamie you were one fun guy to be around. You will be missed. RIP my friend.

  2. Bud Molle says:

    My 3rd house on probation was 13’s. Jamie was just off probation himself and took me under his wing. We worked at 33’s later in our careers, lots of fires and fun. A lot of memories with him on a Majesky long range fishing trip.I know Jamie battled these last years dealing with poor health. May you always Rest in Peace. Your friend for Eternity, Bud, AKA Leadbottom

  3. Mike Corcoran says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Jamie will be missed, a true one of a kind. So many memories.

  4. richard borowski says:

    I worked with jamie at fs-26 with pasos. zink, degenfelter and what a group of guys. We had so much fun with jamie and his antics.RIP my friend we will miss you.

  5. Ed Tapia says:

    Jamie was a character, When I first met him he was at Fire Station 4. At that time the Squad was busy and he hated not going to all the fires we were going to. So he would rotate on the Squad to go to fire with us. The one thing I will say he will be remember for was the 3rd and Bixel fire,( it was suppose to be just a drill ) I still have the video of the great drill and car wash. Rip Jamie

  6. Bob Munoa says:

    Jamie was a good Fireman and Captain. We worked around each other for many years and he was a friend. Jamie was one of those LAFD “Characters” and he liked to kid and mess with you. He use to antagonize Harold Fliegner and me until one of us would grab hiin in a bear hug from behind and the other would apply thumb pressure to his collar ornaments until he would say uncle, but that didn’t stop him the next time. He was acting Chief and we had a good commercial off Alameda, Truck 14 was on the roof when part of the roof collapse. We were fine where we were but it look bad from his view point. Next thing we hear on the radio was “Billy are you guys alright” (referring to Bill Finn) several times. We came down 15’s aerial that Dan Costa had thrown to the other corner, the look of relief on his face is something I will not forget. Rest In Peace my friend you will be remembered.
    Bob Munoa

  7. Chris Hare says:

    What a treat to work with this man. I was on the other shift at 26’s and looked forward to every SOD day with him. He was a tremendous generator of fun. He was a great teacher of Firemen and was always trying to find ways to fight fires better. I especially liked his roof ladder ops on Victorians and positive pressure fire attack. A very practical man. He attracted a crew that reflected him. They we’re all real characters. Thanks for all the fun Jamie. Rest in Peace.
    Chris Hare

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