Hook and Ladder Enduro 2019

May 1, 2019

The weather was a fickle beast all week long prior to the event. The forecast called for diminishing winds and warmer days as the week wore on. What we got was hurricane force winds, freezing nighttime temps, and drizzling rain. It was going to be a cold event! Then at the last moment, the wind abated, the sun came out and the temperature reached “short sleeves.” The 10th Annual Hook and Ladder Enduro turned out to be the best ever! The most people (more than 1000), the most entries (624), the most raffle tickets sold (12,000), the best silent auction ($10,300), T-shirts and hats (ALL GONE), and best of all, the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firefighters Fund got more (about $60K) than ever before Thanks to all of you!

This was a milestone for us to put together ten years of events. It could not have been done without all the volunteers that help us every year. As a thank you to some of the folks that have been with us from the beginning, Tim Foor made some special plaques to present to them. The following families and individuals were this year’s recipients: the Radens, the Reitmayers, the Grossmans, Ty Baker, Doak Smith, John Tohill, Bob Motheral, the Nowells, the Stones, and the Princes.

Another milestone has been reached with the passing of the “Dirt Dogs” at Teter’s Trailer. John and Karen Nowell, along with Greg and Suzi Stone, are throwing in the mustard and handing over the buns to Steve Berkery. Steve’s longwinded acceptance speech had to be cut short when he started to talk about salads, vegan options and healthy choices. Ed Teter is rolling in his grave! Should be interesting next year.

The newly erected cross over-looking the camp has become the gathering spot in the last few years. It has become a place to watch the sunset, have a cocktail, visit and reflect. This year we reflected on the loss of our good friend, Richard Tucker. Our condolences to the Tucker family. Randy Dyer did his version of the missing man formation, when he flew his motorized paraglider over the cross, and almost fell out of his seat! I was always told not to let the truth get in the way of a good story. And not to be outdone, another first at the cross. Jake Raden, in his version of the “missing man,” made his marriage proposal to his girlfriend Lia Winter. Congratulations to you both.

Speaking of the retirement, Craig White and I (Bruce Galien) have joined the Hook and Ladder DROP program. Which stands for “Desert Race = Other People.” We are announcing our five-year exit plan. We want this great event to continue but we need to start taking a lesser role. So if anyone is interested in taking on this great new tradition, get in touch with us and we will ease you in.

There will be some changes in the format next year to try to streamline the event. We are open to suggestions on improving the process. Just remember, if you have an idea, you may be the next “Incident Commander.”

Thanks again to all that have made this event a success from the beginning.

By Bruce Galien

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