Donald A. Fox

January 14, 20203 Comments

Firefighter III, Fire Station 90-B

January 11, 2020


06/12/1993 – FS 90B


Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund
PO BOX 41903
Los Angeles, CA 90041

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  1. Phillip J. Weireter says:

    …in 1975 while working construction for Dan Schmenhaur (sp) who was a Fireman @ FS90, I met Don Fox who was One of two members on the Department that took me under his wing to prepare for the testing & Drill Tower in 1977, along with Capt. Steve Bascom, I couldn’t thank these two men enough for their Guidance & friendship, I will forever be Grateful to Don Fox for my direction and spending 36yrs on the Department. God Bless you Don, may you be in Peace with our Lord.
    Phillip J. Weireter

  2. Glen Prine says:

    1973 I knocked at the door of Fire Station 90 hoping to get a tour and talk to a Fireman about his daily routine. Mike Kirby and I had just taken the written. Don Fox answered the front door. “Can I help you”. “Yes sir, I have just received my notice for my oral interview and would like to come in for a visit and talk to someone about the fire department”. Two hours later Don had given me a tour and a mock interview. Before leaving he invited me back not once but 3 times, twice with another Fireman helping out. I am grateful Don took the time to help me through the my oral interview. I was lucky enough to work with Don for many years at Fire Station 90. RIP Don aka Blue Fox.

  3. Sonny Garrido says:

    I used to work Sod every so often at 90’s.
    Don was one of the friendliest firemen I had ver met. Always a smile on his face. R.I.P. Don.

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