Brush Extending to Structure

August 31, 2015

gv_sep-2015_dia-glassell-parkOn July 7, 2015, companies responded to a reported brush fire along the SB 2 Fwy at Verdugo Rd. Embers from the brush fire spread to the eaves of the church immediately adjacent. The fire quickly moved through a large, open attic. Two operations were conducted; one to extinguish the brush fire, while additional resources initiated a coordinated interior fire attack and roof ventilation operation on the church.

Firefighters negotiated a very steep pitched roof with tiles to cut a heat hole, exposing heavy fire. Within minutes, they saw signs of impending roof collapse. All firefighters moved to safety as a large portion of the roof caved in.

After approximately 2 hours, with over 180 firefighters, knockdown was achieved. Overhaul and salvage operations worked to save church documents and valuables where possible. Two firefighters received injuries and were both transported in good condition.

To see more photos from this incident, click here.

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