Boyd Street – A Survival Story

June 30, 2020

On 05/17/ 20 at approximately 8:08 p.m. at 327 E Boyd St in downtown L.A., firefighters found smoke coming from a one-story commercial building and engaged in an aggressive fire attack. According to reports, while firefighters were attempting to extinguish the fire, a loud hissing sound could be heard coming from an area of the building. Captains on scene quickly recognized the potential danger and called for their members to exit the building. Suddenly, a significant explosion inside the structure occurred. A MAYDAY was put out over the radio and multiple firefighters still inside the structure where driven to the ground from the extreme heat. There were also firefighters on the roof making their way down via the aerial ladder on truck 9. While they did so, they were engulphed by heavy smoke and exposed to direct flame impingement from the large explosion. 11 firefighters, both on the roof and inside the structure were burned, but luckily, all survived, however, some suffered significant injuries. The occupancy was doing business as Smoke Tokes Wholesale Distributor, reportedly a supplier for those who make butane honey oil.

The surrounding story board of words is a personal account of the events as they unfolded for FF on May 16th. He was one of the 11 firefighters who were injured. These are his words as posted on social media. They have not been changed or altered.




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