April 2018

March 31, 2018

Dear Bob,

Please accept this donation to the WODFF in memory of Barney Nipp. I had the pleasure of working for and around Barney for many years, and of all the fine officers and human beings the LAFD produced during those years, he was, in my opinion, the top of the heap. His leadership and interpersonal skills were something to behold and learn from. He led by example, never overreacted and was as fair as a person could be in all aspects of his job. And, if you ask any firefighter that ever worked for him, they would tell you the same! A remarkable man that will be missed by many.

Alan Shroeder
LAFD Retired


Dear Andy,

Please accept this donation to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund in remembrance of Bill Mc Donough, my Engineer at FS 2, and Sef Godinez, my boyhood friend and Fire Department buddy.

Harry and Doris Morck


John & Jack Brodie

Bob and Andy

Enclosed please find a donation to the WODFF in memory of my father, Jack R. Brodie. Dad was a shining example of the Greatest Generation. He served aboard the SS Boxer in WWII and Korea. He was a proud member of the LAFD for 28 years, retiring in 1975. He was the breed of fireman that every officer yearned to have on his company; dedicated, dependable, resourceful and competent. Our family knew him as a very strong, loving man with a soft heart.

I’d like to acknowledge what an incredible organization LAFRA is and how they have been there for us in our times of need; with my mother’s illness and passing from Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1993, and now Dad’s quiet passing at 94 years old.

John Brodie, LAFD retired
Agoura Hills, CA


Dear Mr. Dolan,

Thank you for all the support and assistance during this somber time. You and your staff were great support with all the details that could have been overwhelming to me. Tony and I greatly appreciate the flag and your letter that documented the services and my father, Arthur C. Johnson’s career. Everything was just beautiful, and the sentiment from you and your office was so professional. Thank you again for everything,

Tina and Tony Capistrano



I would like to tell you how much I appreciate all the help the Firemen’s Relief Association did for me during the hard times these last few months. Obe talked often about how he missed being with his company. The flag will always be with the family, and the plant is beautiful. Thank you for everything.

Elizabeth Doan



With special thanks to all of you. To know you, is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thankful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do. For everything you’ve done, for being the special people you are, thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers and all your help.

Again, thank you-

Anita Spearman



I met Bill [Strickland] at 64’s. It was my 2nd house on probation and he was the pump engineer. He took me under his wing and guided me along. We studied together a year later, him for captain and me for my probation test. Kept in touch with him and a few years later he went to arson and when a spot came up he gave me a call at 90’s. Us Marines have to stick together.

Spent some time with him in Texas where he was Chief of Arlington FD. A great guy, tough but fair. I’m thankful I got to play some golf with him after he moved back to CA. I kept in touch with him on FB in later years. I always got a kick out of this tough old Marine using FB.

I’ll miss you Bill. You made my career on the FD possible and I’ll always be thankful. They can never have enough “Jarheads” in Heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with Donna and your family.

Your friend,
Terry Depackh
Henderson, NV



The world is a lesser place for having lost Frank Brown. It was always a pleasure to be around you, and aside from some harmless firehouse banter, I never heard of anyone having anything negative to say about you. You were soft spoken and a gentleman, dedicated to family and friends.

You were, and always will be, loved by all who knew you. Frank, you will be missed. And one last time, we all raises our voices to salute you . . . RIP “Fra-a-a-nk Bro-o-own!”

Lauren DeRosier



Not sure where to start . . . perhaps offering my condolences to the chief’s family is the best place to begin. I knew Glenn Dinger as “Chief Dinger.” I was younger on the job and Chief Dinger had already established a very stellar reputation as a leader among leaders. For some people competency is as natural as breathing – Chief Dinger seemed to have that gift. I was able to be at incidents where he was the IC and things always went smoothly. I too remember the cigar. I appreciate his leadership and for establishing a standard that made us better individually and corporately. God bless the Dinger family.

George Negrete



I had the privilege of working SOD at FS 105’s with Captain Leroy Lilly as a two-year boot assigned to old 73’s in the mid 70’s. We soon became friends via the “Fireman’s Bowling League at Corbin Lanes. Some of you reading this know how much of a great guy he was to be around.

To Dave Lilly: Your dad was one the “best of the best.” Rest assured, he will forever be remembered as a “gentleman and a leader on the “fireground.”

Michael Martin

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