9th Annual Hook and Ladder Enduro

May 31, 2018

Saturday, March 17, 2018 was Saint Patrick’s Day. Where were you? If you weren’t in Calif. City then you missed it. You missed the wind, rain and cold. But more importantly you missed the fun, camaraderie, campfires, family time and a chance to give back to the greatest job in the world. This year we had approximately 460 entries, with more than 800 participants. Our numbers were down a little this year, I am sure due to the weather. For those of you who did brave the elements, we thank you for your generosity in giving to LAFRA’s Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund.

This year’s event started with one of our participants being transported by air ambulance to a local hospital. I only bring this up because I want to acknowledge those who continue to provide our participants with the best medical care possible in the middle of the desert. Starting with Mike Horst, our communications expert. He pre-notifies the surrounding first responders, air ambulances and hospitals that we will be holding our event on that day. Next is Craig White, who runs the incidents with professional expertise. Then there are our paramedics who treat the patients. This time it was Mike Reitmayer (CII, FS 29) stepping in to the make the assessment and start treatment. And finally to Dr. Jeffrey Nordella, an ER doc, who takes charge of patient care and makes the final decisions for the best patient outcome. If you ever go down, try to make it at an LAFD event. I guarantee you will get the best care in the world!

Also I would like the acknowledge Greg and Pam Pascolla. Greg fabricated, out of steel, a beautiful cross that he permanently erected on the hill about the main camp. It is in dedication to those in the Fire Service that have made the ultimate sacrifice. And to Pam, who I know helped him grind down some of those welds. But seriously, we want to thank Pam for her tireless efforts, every year since the beginning, in making the Silent Auction a success.

Since this article seems to be about acknowledging those who have done good deeds, we shouldn’t forget Ty Baker. Ty is one of our sweep riders, combing the course and making sure everyone is safe. Over the years he has been on the scene of many incidents. This year he decided he would form his own team to respond to the various accidents during the event. So if you’re broken down, or find yourself in a sticky situation, just call for the Wrecked’em Response Team (WRT).

Thanks again to all of you who did brave the weather and made this another great event. Next year is our 10th anniversary and Craig White promises something great! See you on March 16, 2019.

By Bruce Galien

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