21st Annual Family Fun Ride

February 28, 2018

Team Buzzard Bait

“Excellent weather, a great course, and no dust?!?”

For the last twenty-one years, Martin Luther King weekend and Ocotillo Wells have had one thing in common – the Buzzard Bait Family Fun Ride to benefit LAFRA’s Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. This year was no exception and everyone was treated to excellent weather, a great course, and no dust! (Well, two out of three ain’t bad!)

We had a great turnout with more than 250 entries. There were kids as young as six years of age on 70cc motorcycles, and adults (acting like kids) sitting in their brand new (or rented) RZR XP 1000’s. It was, however, a family affair all the way.

The twenty-eight-mile course was really well laid out with twisty turning slot canyons, tight sandy washes, wide open washes, and fast pole line roads. There were stations along the way to pick up poker cards and dig for buried poker chips and dice. At the end, the poker hands were turned in with the best hands winning prizes. If you found a poker chip or one of the dice, then you were allowed to spin the “Wheel of Fortune” for additional cash prizes. Many of those that won the money donated it back, so that the Widows and Orphans Fund was the true winner. There was a silent auction as well with time at a condo in Colorado and one in Mammoth up for grabs, along with a fire axe and other great items.

Raffle tickets were sold for a chance at some great prizes. During the raffle, t-shirts were flying through the air and grown men were wrestling over who got one. The event co-chairs, Doug Weber and Mike Reitmayer, were calling out numbers to keep the frenzy going. Everyone was excited about winning something. Then all of a sudden, Doug starts to go down. Next thing we know Doug is yelling, “Cut my sleeves, Cut my sleeves!” Doug was obviously overheated from all the excitement and Mike, being a paramedic, recognized the danger, and did just that. He cut the sleeves off Doug’s sweatshirt! Not sure what that was all about . . . ?

The Relief Association was once again represented by the “Odd Couple” of President Bob Steinbacher and Trustee Tim Larson. Bob “Steintalker” and Tim “Smiling Jack” Larson make a hell of a team. Always bickering back and forth as to whom should be doing what in and around Bob’s motorhome. Bob finally won out when he got Tim to wash all his rugs. (See photo)

Overall, we had a great weekend of camaraderie, campfires, storytelling, reminiscing, and family fun all benefitting the Relief Association’s Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund.

Save the Date. Saturday, March 17, 2018 – Hook and Ladder Enduro

By Bruce Galien

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