2019 Golf Contest Winners

September 25, 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 LAFD Invitational champions and contest winners!

1st PLACE (-16)

Carlos Garcia

Rick Garcia

Jeff Halloran

Joe Luna

2nd PLACE (-14)

Steve Robinson

Tony Gamboa

Mark Reynosa

3rd PLACE (-12)

Kevin Wright

Terry Manning

Gary Gatena

Dale Gant

This group finished in 3rd due to a lower back score of 29.

4th PLACE (-12)

Roger Camunas

Doug Biro

Kevin Rennie

Allen Black

This group finished in 4th due to a back 9 score of 29.


Men – Allen Black
Women – Ginger Libby


North # 7
Tony Gamboa 7’1”

Lake # 3
Dale Gant 11’ 10 “

Lake # 6
Frank Aguirre 6” 11”

Lake #8
Tyler Clark 72”

Putting Contest

Jeff Cawdrey

Hustle Hole / Time 18.30

Chris Rastatter
Hans Getty
Rudy Medina
Joe Vigil

Beat the Pro – John “Fail”y

Yardage: 290 Yard Drive

Jeff George (from Denver)

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