2018 LAFD Awards Ceremony: Beyond the Call

November 30, 2018

On November 1, 2018 the LAFD Foundation honored members of the Department who have demonstrated exceptional bravery, excellence, and commitment to their community.

This year the Medal of Valor and Award of Merit honorees include seven members who distinguished themselves while off duty in Las Vegas, during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, and a member who saved the lives of three young children at a structure fire in Wilmington.

The Medal of Valor was awarded to FF/PM Rio-Bec Hernandez, FF Darin Crandell, Capt II Ted Kalnas, Capt I Brett Kearns, FF/PM Michael Mandahl, FF Nicholas Shrode, and Eng Robert James Hays III.

An Award of Merit was presented to FF Anthony Michael Cresta. The Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed on Chaplain George Negrete (retired). The Crystal Flame Community Service Award was presented to B/C Alicia Welch (retired), B/C Kris Larson, Capt II Monica Hall and Capt I Jennifer Wilcox. The Chief’s Distinguished Service Award went to: LAFD Air Operations. The Legacy Service Award was presented Ms. Karen Wagener.

“Our members routinely respond to a variety of incidents that place significant risks on themselves,” remarked Chief Terrazas. “The members being honored have exceeded what is typically expected of them and deserve to be recognized.”

LAFD Photos by Gary Apodaca

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